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Google presents “Instant Pages”

Google has recently announced a new endeavor called “Instant Pages” that will build on the importance of fast page load speed. As a newer, updated version of the earlier venture Google Instant, Instant Pages will pre-load the top search result.

The origin of Instant Pages

You saw our recent video blog about how page speed affects site rankings. As we mentioned in this video blog, Google has an ultimate goal in mind: to make the internet a faster place for search, where you can immediately find everything for which you are searching. Well, they have come one step closer to that goal with Instant Pages.

Google Instant

Last year, Google introduced Google Instant, which basically tried to guess what you were looking for as you were typing it. Remember that time last year when you went on Google, you began to type a query into the search box and you only got as far as “the” when Google began searching and coming up with top results that started with “the”? That was Google Instant. It gave you the results to whatever you were searching even as you were still typing it. Since then, Google has been studying the effects of Google Instant and how it contributes to the search engine’s ultimate goal of achieving an internet faster than the speed of light.

Google presents “Instant Pages”

The search engine estimates that Google Instant saved users between 2 and 5 seconds.

The problem Google faced after Google Instant’s success was that after you saved those few seconds during the search process, you still had to wait for the page you chose to load for another 5 seconds. Instant Pages changes this, for the top ranked sites anyway. The top search result will be pre-loaded as you are browsing your other options so that if you choose to click on it, it will come up extremely quickly.

Why do SEOs care?

The answer is obvious: Google is making it even more important to top rank. With the top ranked page already loaded as people are searching, what are the chances they will not visit the number one page? Google chooses the top site to pre-render because the search engine has that kind of confidence in the number one results. It looks at the site and says this is the most relevant, highest ranked, and all around best site out there to match your site query. Not only that, but it is already loaded so that when you click on it, it will immediately be fully accessible.

Google presents “Instant Pages” 2

If you are searching “new york shoe store” the first page that comes up is Fight Club New York after about 2-3 seconds.

The site ranking number two, yelp, takes at least 5 seconds to load. This doesn’t seem to make a huge difference, but it really does: it serves every persons’ desire for instant gratification and it also brings us closer to Google’s dream of “instantaneous access to knowledge.”

Though this feature is brand new and is only in the development stage, get ready for it to become commonplace for top ranked sites to load faster than any others in the Google SERPs.