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Google + Brand Pages Coming Soon

First: an apology. So sorry for being offline last week – busy times call for desperate measures. But we’re back and here with some exciting things to report about Google, specifically about its now over 40 million user strong social network.


Brands and Social Networking

After all the recent hoopla about Google screwing over some businesses in favor of paid advertisers (Google announced last Tuesday that it would begin encrypting the search information of those logged into their accounts; read more about why this could negatively impact search marketers and their clients at Search Engine Land) – Google could certainly use some positive hype. And it’s coming in the form of Google + brand profiles (or so we all hope).


Brand Profiles: Conjecture

Recent reporting that Google CEO Larry Page has finally knocked Mark Zuckerberg off the most followed Google + list led us to some other exciting Google + news.

For what I can tell is the first time since around July, there has been a great deal of buzz about brand pages on Google +, which are supposedly going to become available any day (or week, or month: okay, we don’t really have a time frame) now (Here’s the last time we talked about it). Various news outlets and tech bloggers have been talking about when these brand pages will come out, with some even going as far as to outline what these pages may look like when released.

What These Profiles Might Look Like, Courtesy of Mashable

Online news outlet Mashable decided to jump ahead of the brand profiles bandwagon, enlisting designers to try their hands at guessing what possible brand pages designs will look like when released.  They also discussed how brands may be better off using future Google + profiles over Facebook business ones. They came up with some pretty cool stuff that we thought we’d share with you.

One design agency rep interviewed by Mashable makes the point that Facebook users sometimes complain about being bombarded with brand messages. An implementation of “Public Circles,” which would allow selectivity, may create a solution to this problem and bring some brand followers over to Google +. This way, users wouldn’t have to follow an entire brand, they could just follow the specific product they like that is made by the brand. So, for example, if you are a religious user of MAC black eyeliner (please, let them create a circle just for this!!), you wouldn’t have to follow the entire beauty brand, but could simply be kept abreast of updates about your beloved eyeliner. We think this is a fabulous idea.


Mini possible Google + Profile (credit: Mashable)


This is what one of the design agencies created for Mashable, an example of having several circles for the various products offered by one brand.


Meanwhile, over at Facebook…

There has been increasing talk about how Timelines may impact brands and social media marketing as a whole – which means new and different strategies will begin to come about as people learn how to use all of Facebook’s new features. Further, “virality” and other new insights will begin to help brands better understand the when, how and who with regard to customer and potential customer engagement. Google would be wise to get those brand profiles out now to counterbalance what is sure to take off as the newest way to market yourself on social media outlets.

Some brands we think are doing it right on Facebook who could possibly have even more widespread success on Google + include:


Coke Welcome Page


This is Coca-Cola’s welcome page on Facebook.


Coke's Facebook wall


Coca-Cola’s wall on Facebook. With over 35 million likers on Facebook, clearly this is a social media savvy brand, with an expansive presence across the platforms. It’s hard to  imagine how it could get better for Coca-Cola. People of all languages interact with the brand on Facebook, posting videos, comments, praise and even criticism. This is brand engagement taken to the next level.


Coca Cola Google + Page Mock Up (Courtesy of Mashable)


Design submitted to Mashable of what Coca-Cola on Google + might look like.

Beyond the bigger brands, any car company would likely experience success in this arena, just as Ford has with its test page. For instance, Jeep has a very engaging presence on Facebook, which could transfer successfully over to Google +. If Jeep had different circles providing tips to just Wrangler owners about off-roading, for instance, or just a circle for the more luxury-style SUVs to update owners or potential owners, it could see enormous success with regard to brand engagement and search result placement with a Google + integration.


Jeep on Facebook


Jeep’s current Facebook page. Over a million users not only like the Jeep Facebook page, but also often engage with it, posting images and stories of their beloved SUVs. Jeep could also host hangouts – for instance, right now, Jeep highlights owners who are taking adventures on their Facebook. They could host hangouts that other Jeep owners could have with these adventurers. Also, Jeep could host hangouts with famous rugged adventurers, and could do so much more with Google + to promote their brand message (can you  guess what it is? That’s right: rugged, drive anywhere adventure!).


What This Has to Do With SEO

Whenever Google is involved, our SEO alarms go off. We have already discussed how Google + brand presences will impact user search results (as in, a signed in user who likes Ford on Google + right now will see Ford in the search results higher up and more often), so as these pages publicly roll out we will likely see the landscape of search altered (even though signed in user searches and referrals are going to be encrypted!).


More Information

If you’re looking to learn more about social media marketing, how it all ties into SEO, or anything else having to do with search marketing, please continue to check in with our blog for daily updates and free tips. For more information that is specifically related to your business’s SEO or social media marketing efforts, give our Atlanta SEO company a call today at 770-481-1766.


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