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Use Google Autocomplete Tool to Uncover Low-Competition Keyword Phrases

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Old SEO tactics allowed marketers to rise to the top of search listings by picking one or two keywords and repeating them hundreds of times across pages of content. The Internet has evolved, search engine algorithms have been fine-tuned, and users have become more discerning.

One reason that long tail keywords are becoming the standard is that search engine rankings are now determined by the quality of the content that contains search terms and not the number of times those terms are used. Articles that contain certain phrases are more likely to be relevant, and users generally think in terms of phrases – not one or two words. Around 70 percent of all completed searches are comprised of long tail keywords, and that means there’s a wealth of opportunities for those who can utilize key phrases that return a low number of results. That’s because there is less competition, and when a phrase retrieves 300 results and a single word retrieves 400,000, the marketers who also target a smaller pool with long tail keywords will likely attract more eyeballs.

Unfortunately, there are millions of possible combinations. A website owner needs only to type in part of a phrase on Google and cycle through the letters of the alphabet to retrieve a few thousand suggestions. It’s impossible to save every pertinent result manually, and performing that kind of work without the proper tool set would require hundreds of hours.

That’s where Keyword Researcher comes into play. All the user has to do is add an asterisk to a partially completed phrase and Keyword Researcher will nab every suggestion for every letter of the alphabet from Google’s autocomplete form. These suggestions are based on searches other Google users have performed, and that means the users of Keyword Researcher can glimpse into the minds of millions of people (and potential customers) within the span of a few hours.

Marketers and content creators who lack ideas can choose from a list of suggestions provided by Keyword Researcher. These phrases are largely generic, but provide lots of ideas regardless of your site’s niche. Most Internet users ask questions or search for how-to articles; sometimes they want product comparisons or top-10 lists. Having these formulations on hand greatly simplifies the process of coming up with powerful long tail key phrases, and it allows your marketing team to spend more time on content creation than market research.

Keyword Researcher also provides tutorial videos to help make the most of the tool and the keywords it provides. There are five videos available to anyone who accesses the site, and there’s more than enough information to get you started. It’s a simple program that takes a revolutionary approach to keyword and content generation, and it represents a giant evolutionary step for SEO strategies. When you think you’ve exhausted all of your high-volume keywords, turn to Keyword Researcher for a nearly endless list of long tail phrases to target.