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Google AdWords New Preview and Visualization Features Roll Out


Although a bit of a late bloomer at 16, AdWords has grown up and started to sprout hair in funny places as it expands and matures. The expanded AdWords feature we mentioned in June has undergone a full release to the AdWords market, and along with it have come other substantial improvements to the UX and features for AdWords users.

Let us briefly examine these features and how they might improve your ability to chase exposures, conversions and ROI through refined AdWords strategies.

New AdWords Preview Tool Means Fewer Cut Offs, Which Mea…

That ellipsis in the heading is a joke, but when ellipses cut off your real AdWords ads, it is far from funny. All that hard work and effort you put into devising creative copy has gone to waste, and the competing ads now look far better by comparison.

Prevent these amputation woes by previewing how your ad might look on different devices. Doing so can help you optimize the ad for space as well as general visual impact. After all, seeing how a recipe looks on the plate can help you realize what you forgot or should have added in, so AdWords previews can help you optimize the language you use based on how it reads as a user.

View Visualizations

Bravo to the AdWords team for taking the time and stress out of processing data by making some of the most pertinent exposure and engagement analytics visible at a glance.

The Day & Hour reporting feature can let you rapidly see what your peak times are for engagement. These highs and lows can teach you when to invest optimally, preventing wasted ad bids during off hours. Additionally, you may learn a thing or two about what makes your audience tick, such as how an ad for a DUI lawyer may get more popular during the weekend.

Day & Hour reporting displays bar graphs for metrics based on either the day or hour — who would’ve thought? A handy combination of the two displays squares in varying intensity to show when the perfect time during the week strikes for your chosen metric.

Also readily shown through new visualizations are engagement levels by device. You can prioritize for your top-converting device audience or improve user experience to boost lagging numbers through the data this feature provides.

Campaign Groups

A surprising but useful feature emerged recently from AdWords that allows organizations to control multiple AdWord campaigns at once. So, whether you are a diverse company with multiple ongoing campaigns at once or a PPC contractor trying to keep your client portfolio happy, Campaign Groups can simplify the analytics and metric goals for several campaigns at a time.

The feature is currently still in testing, but it could roll out rather quickly if it grafts nicely onto the current AdWords API without causing too many problems. Brands and organizations looking to maximize their PPC performance in light of these new features can look to EverSpark Interactive for expert guidance. PPC, SEM, SEO and more, we are one of Atlanta’s best digital marketing firms, thanks to our care and attention to clients. Contact us to start building a partnership today.