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What are some good tips for Mobile SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is no longer only for websites. In order to be competitive in your niche, it is important to optimize for a mobile site.With evolving smartphone technology, optimizing your mobile site can and will drive traffic to your business.

What are some good tips for Mobile SEO?

A recent study revealed that people were beginning to spend more time on their phones than on their computers; mobile searches are becoming more popular than desktop searches. Though SEOs are not necessarily a part of this statistic, the companies whose websites we optimize should take notice.

What do search engines look for when crawling mobile sites?

Search engines like Google crawl mobile sites for similar factors to what they crawl for on regular websites. They are very concerned with the mobile user’s experience because this user is likely to be on-the-go and in a hurry to find information.

What makes for a good user-experience?

Users love mobile sites that load quickly, are easy to use, and that look appealing. This site should have similarly informational, unique and relevant content to its counterpart on the regular site, and it should function similarly as well. It should also be compatible with a number of devices, not just one type. If your mobile site is optimized only for android users, you are losing out on a number of potential customers who use I-Phones.

Tips for developing your mobile SEO campaign

  1. Do your research – what keywords would be more pertinent to people who are out-and-about and looking for a place to go, eat, or shop?
  2. Cater your keywords to a mobile audience. Make sure they are shorter (focus less on long-tail keywords) and specific to the audience you are looking to reach.
  3. Use title tags, with keywords, that are related to your content. Do the same in your meta-descriptions, and anchor text – just like you would on a traditional website.

These are the more general tips for mobile SEO. If you would like to know more or have questions specific to your mobile site’s SEO, ask us at EverSpark Interactive’s newly redesigned website and we’ll be happy to help!