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Get More Website Conversions This Year with Smart Click Rate Optimization

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Your website has many functions, and one of the most important is to turn visitors into paying customers. Ideally, your site already has a prominent “call to action” (CTA) encouraging visitors to do something specific after they read your pages. Your CTA can be to schedule a consultation, leave contact information to find out more, register an email to sign up for a newsletter or something as simple as reading more blog posts.

In 2016, your goal should be to get as many visitors as possible to follow your CTA, which is also known as the visitor making a “conversion action.” Each conversion adds to your conversion rate, which is calculated by dividing the number of people who took the conversion action over the total number of site visitors. By increasing your conversion rate, you leverage more usefulness out of your website, spread information about the products and services you provide, generate promising leads and generally help add to your company’s bottom line.

As you can see, companies have a strong incentive to increase their conversion rates. Even a minor increase can trickle down to big benefits. Find out how more clicks can lead to more revenue and how to get those clicks in 2016 with stellar website design by reading on.

CRO FTW! (Click Rate Optimization For the Win!)

Businesses looking for a strategy to increase site conversions can use an approach called “Click Rate Optimization,” or CRO. This tactic focuses on repeat visitors or past customers, and it seeks to get them to take more conversion actions than ever before.

With CRO, nothing gets taken for granted. Every change is measured, evaluated and modified to seek even better results. Best practices from other sites are encouraged, but anything that does not work for you and your specific market should be rejected.

To start making CRO work for you, you can try the following tips courtesy of Salesforce and their engaging, colorful infographic.

#1 Cut Down on Homepage Clutter

Ideal home pages are like a welcome sign for tourists. Visitors should know exactly what they have stumbled into, and they should be able to find out where to go next instantly.

Focus on eliminating as many unneeded features as possible from your homepage to streamline your visitors’ experiences. Have a few blurbs about what you do and suggest places for them to click on next based on the services or information they want to know more about. Eliminate excessive or distracting graphics, and avoid hiding site buttons for the sake of aesthetics. Your site is there to make you money, not win beauty pageants.

#2 Use Short, Effective Landing Pages

If you have marketing materials on your homepage, you can kill two birds with one stone by migrating them to a “landing page.” Landing pages are designed to respond to the unique needs of a particular visitor or segment. For instance, a landing page that shows up when someone searches “Divorce Lawyers in Atlanta” will tell them why XYZ law firm is the best law firm for their money, with a CTA to either contact the firm or to visit other site pages for more information.

With landing pages, short and sweet is ideal. Companies who have shortened their landing pages have seen a corresponding 13 percent increase in newsletter signups and a 25 percent increase in conversion actions.

#3 Speak to Results with Action-Oriented Copy

Writing has an immense power to subtly convey ideas or emotions. Businesses can use this power to their advantage by appealing to site visitors with a need for gratification.

As an example, a search engine marketing company changed a button’s text from “Submit” to “Get Quote Now.” While such a change is simple, it speaks to the human need for results and to feel like you are constantly making headway with the tasks you need done. Tell your potential customers they can get the results they want quickly, and watch them respond enthusiastically.

#4 Leave Proof of Happy Clients

“Social proof” is emerging as one of the most crucial tools in digital marketing. Larger businesses, especially ones that sell goods online, can deploy social proof tactics by leaving a button that automatically submits a purchase to social media. That way, someone’s purchase of a new Star Wars USB storage drive gets automatically shared online for their friends to see, spreading word about the product.

Smaller sites may not be able to benefit from such direct social interactions, but they can still obtain social proof the old-fashioned way. Ask happy clients to write testimonials speaking to the positive experiences they had and the benefits of your services. These quotes can be peppered throughout the site to foster trust towards visitors, and they can also make up a new site section exclusively containing positive reviews and feedback.

Elements like these are not mere advertising, either. They speak to someone’s need to see if a product or service was actually right for them. That way, someone wondering if a business lawyer is skilled at corporate charters can directly see a report of someone else getting that exact same service. Less doubt is left in their mind, increasing the chances of conversion actions.

#5 Ask Less of Visitors in General

Any time you can make a contact form shorter, a page less text-heavy or streamline the clicks it takes to get from one page to the other, do it. This general philosophy can fuel changes that help make your site more enjoyable to use and thus more effective at CRO.

However, remember to test any changes and verify an improvement of performance, Never trust “gut instincts” in an era that lets you measure every little thing and make smart choices based on actual data.

EverSpark Can Get You CRO Ready for 2016

If all the suggestions above sound like a lot of work, EverSpark is here to take a load off your shoulders. We are pros at CRO and getting the best results out of your site, period. We can develop a program to make incremental improvements to site design and page layout, and then we can evaluate those changes to see if we can get even better results.

Make 2016 great for you with a great online CRO strategy. Find out more about how EverSpark can improve your digital marketing strategy and your web page design by visiting our Atlanta digital marketing services page.