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Four Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Local SEO in Atlanta

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), thinking locally can help you get quicker, more practical results. Competing with the big guys does not always make sense. After all, how could you possibly rank against a nationwide chain who knows exactly how to emphasize the most critical keywords and can also throw millions of dollars at their efforts?

However, thanks to things like Google’s Pigeon local search algorithm, you can have a real chance at taking the big boys on in your home turf. Since Google knows how much local results mean to local people, they allow certain business websites to rank higher when compiling search results based on a user’s location. By using local SEO tricks like the following, you make the most of your small advantage and become the local search results king.

  1. Claim or Create Business Listings

    The untold other half of “if you build it, they will come,” is “if you don’t build it, they’ll do it for you.” As with anything else in the business world, you might not always like the results that come out of others’ unsanctioned work on your behalf.

    Take charge of your business’s local pages by finding out where you are listed and editing the pages to represent you best. Nothing is worse than having inaccurate business hours on Google’s My Business Pages or missing out on a key link to your main site alongside Yelp reviews.

    Do yourself a favor and perform an online search for your business to see what pops up. Whatever listings you happen to see — be they on Facebook, Angie’s List, Yelp, The Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor or others — check them for accuracy. For pages like Google and Facebook, take the time to set up your own pages with accurate business information and comprehensive descriptions of the things you do best.

  2. Optimize Your Site and Pages

    Web page optimization can be a long process, but there are some basic elements that can enhance local SEO. For instance, a skilled webmaster or site designer can tinker with each page’s metadata to ensure that Google and other search engines can index your site as often as needed. Less-technical aspects mean ensuring that your website copy is written logically and from a helpful perspective. No one should be confused about your services after reading your main page, and they should get the information they need out of each site subsection.

  3. Do Some Keyword Research

    There are simple ways to conduct keyword research in addition to deeper, more complex ones. Regardless of the level of intensity you are willing to delve into, you will want to have a good idea of what people are searching for in your area since you might be able to fulfill one of those things.

    With the right keyword planning, you can find out that “child custody lawyer in Atlanta” ranks higher than “divorce custody attorney in Atlanta,” helping you understand the best way for your audience to find you. Start with a few keywords to emphasize on your home page, site pages and initial blog content before fleshing out into “long tail” keywords that could put your listing in front of a wider variety of users.

    Just remember that your keywords should be placed logically in sentences, and that the writing overall should be content people actually want to read. Google penalizes sites that keyword-spam, and so do users since they lose trust in the site quality.

  4. Hire a Professional Atlanta SEO Company

    Finding great Atlanta digital marketing services is not always easy, but with the right partnership your company can get the local boost it needs to become the talk of the town. Consider EverSpark for our expertise, writing skill and overall attention to detail that can help separate you from the rest of the pack. Click here to get started.