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Four Most Important Digital Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Cats

In a daring, risky and wholly original maneuver, we have decided to write an internet article about cats.

All self-deprecation aside, the unusual, often borderline-obsessive relationship the internet has with cats is nothing short of fascinating and well worth studying. How does an animal that makes a deliberate hobby of testing gravity with your coffee mug still have a welcome place in our homes and on our browsers? Such is the mysterious energy of cats — their bipolar tendency to be both reprehensible jerks and cloyingly adorable at the same time.

Brands that want to channel this limitless potential need look no further than these four most useful and beneficial traits of cats as they relate to digital marketing:

1. Never Spend More Energy Than You Need

cat napping in wokDogs are arguably far more useful to humans for all occupations outside of catching small rodents. Yet, somehow cats still get fed on the same regular basis as dogs without all the hullabaloo. Something about cats’ endearing personalities makes us give in, or it could be the not so subtle claws in your leg that signify, “You forgot my supper!”

Point being: cats know when doing a whole lot of nothing can be productive. Sure, they flip out on occasion and become mighty hunters of the terrifying milk jug ring. But they also spend most of their time recharging their solar batteries in sun rays or keeping your fresh laundry from floating away. Research tells us that the average cat will snooze around 12 to 16 hours a day.

While no one in your marketing department should be snoozing at their desk, they also don’t need to be spinning in circles just to get attention. Know when to conserve your energy for those big moments so that when the time comes, your glorious dance will be both memorable and unexpected.

2. Pounce Only When the Time Is Right

cat preparing to pounceUnless you’re talking about a 600-pound Bengal tiger, most cat species don’t have a whole lot of slaying power. Instead, they rely on strategic bursts of energy to confuse, bewilder and ultimately outmatch their prey.

Just like a cat shaking its haunches preparing for the perfect moment, your digital marketing team should spend more time, effort and energy getting set up for delivering your impactful audience appeals rather than performing them. By planning each strike and minimizing the chances for your prey to strike back, you can prevent a scenario where you outwit yourself, only to have your intended target scurry away.

3. Always Keep One Eye Open, and Watch Your Back

cat looking over shoulderMost of the time, cats happen to be light sleepers. An extra, transparent eyelid allows them to get some literal shut-eye while maintaining a small slit to keep watch. Sensitive ears and whiskers similarly pick up vibrations.

The purpose? Never letting your competition catch you napping. Cats know that letting your guard down can be a death sentence, and so too should digital marketing teams approach their competitors. Always keep scanning the horizon, and only put your back to the people you absolutely trust — or are too far behind you to affect you.

4. Learn How to Hang Around Without Being Needy

cat interrupting reading bookMuch of cats’ charm lies in their roommate-like quality to keep you company without demanding you cuddle them at every instant. Cats tend to appear in the room and pick a spot close by, but perhaps just out of your reach. This is the extent of most cats’ social interaction, barring the occasional lap session or the “It’s-past-mealtime!” alarm.

Brands should similarly keep their digital marketing presence low-key, letting customers be aware that they are there but allowing interaction to be on an opt-in basis.

Then again, cats are also pros when they do want attention. The sheer boldness of their power plays can be endearing as well, so suss out the times when annoying could potentially be cute. For instance, instead of bombarding site visitors with pop-up email entry prompts, wait until they’ve been on the site a few minutes or explored three or so pages. Then, just like a cat, you can say: “Hey. We like you. Wanna hang out with us more?”

EverSpark is the Purr-fect Solution for Your Digital Marketing Needs

happy cat outsideAs you may have guessed from that terrible pun, many of us here at EverSpark are unapologetic cat people. Since we know cats like the back of our paws, then we know the above digital marketing best practices by proxy. Let us show you how we can hypnotize your audience and let you get away with practically anything by making the right digital marketing choices every time. We promise not to take any naps on the clock, either! Visit our digital marketing services page to learn more.