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EverSpark Moves to New Office

“Movin’ on up” translated to a 19-floor descent for EverSpark Interactive, as our 3-year-old Atlanta SEO agency transitioned to a bigger office this month. Growing out of our former space on the 28th floor of the Queen Building, we more than doubled our dimensions with a 7,500-square-foot office on the ninth floor of the next-door King Building in north Atlanta.

No longer forced to cram more than one person into a single workspace, EverSpark is poised to flourish in a nicely appointed office vacated by Samsung. Several cubicles remain unoccupied in the new space, signaling room for growth as our 25-person agency foresees expansion.

“The first three years were always going to be the hardest,” said vice president of sales Chris Watson, who co-founded the company out of spare bedrooms with Jason Hennessey and Dave Hallock. “Now that we have our systems and processes in place, there’s just nothing stopping us.”

From humble beginnings, the three search engineers gained steam by catapulting clients’ website rankings up the search-engine charts. Satisfied customers signed long-term contracts and EverSpark started to grow organically. Soon, another partner was brought in to oversee operations – Jeff Holyoak.

With a full roster of SEO analysts, web developers, video producers, account managers, link builders and content specialists, EverSpark is positioned to capture a bigger market share. And despite the always-changing world of search-engine algorithms, company leaders are confident about securing a long-term lease.

“In taking advantage of a soft commercial real estate market, we’ve been able to increase our footprint at below-market rates in an upscale, centrally located work environment,” Jeff said. “Our new location continues to improve our ability to recruit and retain the top talent in the market.”

As we gaze out from our new perch and catch a glimpse of the glitzy Buckhead skyline to the south, Chris sums up the transformation and pinches himself as he thinks about the future.

“When you launch a company in the middle of the worst recession in over 80 years and look around three years later to see how much we’ve grown makes me incredibly proud,” he said. “We have some of the best, smartest and most loyal staff an agency could ever hope for. I genuinely hope that they all realize that our journey is one of growth, ideas and collaboration and that all the long hours and figuring out the algorithm changes are worth it.

“The best thing about the new office, in my opinion, is that I feel like we’re just getting started.”