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EverSpark Interactive SEO Manager Clinton Dugan Wins $30,000 towards his Wedding

You know that old saying “I never win anything cool,” well that call changed this morning with a phone call from Star 94.1 Atlanta. It will started 3 weeks ago when Amber entered their “#pinit2winit” dream wedding content. The contest consisted of pinning tweets to this Pinterest board, basically portraying your dream wedding at Lake Lanier Islands. Amber pinned over 200 pictures and off it went into cyber space. Amber received a phone call the day that the first round of the contest was over and we were picked as one of the top 50 couples. This was amazing news and this is where the fun started for us. We and 50 other couples had to complete in fun couple related games last Sunday. Games that included answering questions about how well the couples knew each other, a reverse lottery slow dance, musical chairs and a sweet tweet.

The games started and Amber and I got 7/10 questions. We are still arguing over that nail color polish color question. We were the 25th couple to sit down in the slow dance and Amber was eliminated 10th in the musical chairs game. That game was a tough one to watch! Finally came the sweet tweet portion. Every couple had to create a tweet that summed up their engagement or their love story. We were able to include the video that I created for Amber on our engagement day, so I knew we had a good chance at making it to the final top 5 and we did! Here was our tweet and a link to our video.

imgo (5)

The finals lasted 4 days and these last 4 days taught me a lot. 1.) The internet and social media are very powerful. Working in digital marketing, I understand how everything works but I truly under estimated the power of social networks. 2.) If you build it they will come. Amber and I are blessed to have an amazing network of friends and family, however, the support we received this week went past my wildest dreams. Scrolling through out timelines was truly magical to witness everyone sharing and almost making this contest go viral. 3.) If you check your Klout score and want it to increase, just win a contest. 4.) Have an extra battery or charger handy for your cell phone! 5.) Atlanta is truly magical.

Thank You – Star 94.1, Lanier Islands, Legacy Weddings and Mike’s Mobile DJ for all of your support. #Bringonoctober!

-Clinton Dugan