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Everspark Interactive – “Atlanta Personal Trainer” SEO Case Study

Its Jason Hennessey, director of SEO here at Everspark Interactive.  While most people are at the malls returning gifts that they don’t like or don’t fit, we are trying to dominate the “Atlanta Personal Trainer” market out here in GA.

We have even taken the time to document this case study as we bring our client from Page 104 on Google for the keyword Atlanta Personal Trainer to Page 1 (Position #9) in literally 5 days.  In the following video (Part I) you will see how we research keywords, reverse engineer competition, and then start to acquire backlinks using techniques such as link wheels, etc…

Part I (recorded on 12/5/2010)

Now that we are ranking on page 1 for the keyword “Atlanta Personal Trainer” our mission is to dominate the entire market to include all surrounding cities & counties.  In the following video (Part II) you will see how we optimize his homepage and city specific landing pages with the proper on-page SEO variables such as Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Header Tags, Alt Tags, etc…  You will also see that we create landing pages for each individual city/county and have them all ranking on page 1 of Google.  Each of these landing pages include a photo that would look familiar to someone searching for that specific term (which is great for conversion).  You will also see that we added a WordPress blog to the site, and are starting to Video blog and getting both Video and pages included within the Google Search Engine Result Pages.

Part II (recorded on 1/01/2011)

Although we did not accomplish our mission of ranking #1 on Google for the keyword “Atlanta Personal Trainer” on or before January 1st, 2011 (only 19 days after we started this campaign), we did come pretty close.  As you will see in the following video, we now have our clients site ( ranking in the #2 position ABOVE all of the Google Places (Maps) listings.  We purposely did not set up a places account as a test to see if you could actually out rank a places listing by brute force link building.  The test proved our theory to be accurate.

Stay Tuned for Part III

Best Regards

Jason Hennessey