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Discover Chromebox for Meetings: The Virtual Conference Room

For the ever-expanding virtual workplace, it’s often impossible to gather participants in the same room for a meeting. Unfortunately, dialing in to a conference call just doesn’t offer the same opportunities for brainstorming and collaboration. Meetings need to provide that face-to-face experience, with participation available from any device. Enter Google’s Chromebox for meetings, a new Chromebox bundle that makes it easy to hold high-definition video meetings. The system, powered by the Google Cloud, combines aspects of Google+ Hangouts and Chromecast in one low-cost mash-up.

Chromebox for meetings has some innovative features to help bring people together. It comes with all the ingredients for instant meeting functionality: an Intel Core i7-based Chromebox, an integrated microphone/speaker unit, a high-definition camera and a remote control. Setup takes just a few minutes, and the web-based management console allows you to manage all of your meeting rooms with a few clicks.

Unlike some other types of conferencing software, Chromebox makes it easy to join a meeting. Instead of fumbling with the usual dial-in codes, participants just walk into a room, click a remote, and they’re in. Chromebox’s integration with Google Apps makes it simple to add meeting rooms and invite additional participants using Google Calendar.

The system is surprisingly flexible: up to 15 participants can join a video meeting, and they can do so from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other conference rooms. If users want to meet with someone who doesn’t have Chromebox for meetings, it’s possible as long as that person has a Gmail account. A tool available from Vidyo allows users to connect with rooms that are equipped with regular video-conferencing software. Even people who favor the traditional use of phones for conference calls can join a Chromebox-enabled meeting by using a conference call number from UberConference.

U.S. customers can order Chromebox for meetings for $999. The product will be available in other areas of the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Europe, later this year. It’s never been easier to have face-to-face meetings, no matter where your coworkers are located. Will your business be taking advantage of this all-in-one meeting tool?