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Digital Summit 2014 Recap: Let Your Followers Take Your Message to the Masses

Digital marketing thought leaders filled the rooms at Cobb Energy Centre for two days in May during Digital Summit 2014 to listen and learn more of what the world of digital is up to now and where it is going. Whether it be a nonprofit, small agency, large corporation or entrepreneur—you name it, they were in attendance at Digital Summit 2014. EverSpark was represented by editor David Paul and yours truly to identify new ways to get our clients’ stories spread across the digital spectrum.

Brent Herd (@brentherd), southeast director of Twitter, filled in as the opening keynote speaker for David Pogue, a tech columnist at Yahoo and host of NOVA ScienceNOW. (Two of the three keynotes were unable to attend­ due to travel difficulties—Pogue and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.) Herd enlightened the audience on the power of Twitter and the campaign success stories that benefited greatly through the famous platform of 140 characters. His mantra set the tone for the summit overall when he stated, “Content is king and distribution is queen.” BTW: Did you know it’s possible to tweet someone a Starbucks coffee?

Digital Summit 2014

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more

Where do we find ourselves spending hours of time a day? The last time news broke, where did you discover it? How did you hear about the Royal Baby or the Boston bombing tragedy compared to how you experienced a news story about the Berlin Wall or the Man on the Moon?

Our eyes are no longer glued to magazines and newspapers. We seek out the latest and greatest content through social. The realm where we find content and news is changing. Roles have switched, and “traditional” journalists now come second to social.

These days, tweets come first and the in-depth news article second. Social allows breaking news to spread in seconds. With social engagement, brands can now have a point of view and news can actually “break” instantly as opposed to the days when a reporter was dispatched and a piece written, revised and then published.

Other Digital Summit speakers showed how they incorporate social into their business model. Adam Naide (@adamnaide) of Cox Communications touched on the “Social Sweet Spot”—the cross between your brand and culture is right where social comes into play.


Adam Naide

Key takeaways from Digital Summit 2014: Whether you are a big corporation or a small business, an e-commerce manager or a sales representative, a business owner or consumer, social media is taking a strong lead in the digital landscape. The core elements of digital marketing will remain in our day-to-day interactions, but the way that we use our content goes beyond a magazine article or a news story. Now you discover the latest news instantly and the way we distribute content is changing—that change is social.