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Click or Treat: Bing’s Data Reveal Will Revolutionize Your Halloween Marketing

It’s not every day a search giant hands you its entire trove of marketing data for a major holiday. But for Bing Ads, the more successful your Halloween marketing is, the more successful they are too. That’s why Bing released a stunning 47-page slideshow revealing every Halloween internet marketing trend you could ever hope for.

The virtual treat basket contains data on when people start their Halloween searches, what they’re searching for, and what kind of content they like. It’s a field guide for putting together a record-setting Halloween marketing campaign—if that’s your cup of cider.

But the slideshow has gems even if you don’t sell Halloween merchandise. Holidays aren’t just shopping events, they’re cultural ones. Seeing what everyone is searching for tells you what kind of content will be a hit over the next seven weeks. Your blog, social media, and marketing campaigns will all perform better if you can tie them into search trends.

Several data points stand out as particularly useful:

  • Halloween searches are already picking up. They start the first week of September and grow steadily until the big day.
  • Some categories, like party supplies and decorations, see an early search spike at the beginning of October, reflecting advance planning—then slump until the last minute scramble. Most other categories build up throughout October.
  • Early on, searchers are just browsing for inspiration. (This is a huge opportunity for content.) Click through rate on ads doesn’t build up till mid-October. Again, party supplies are an exception, with higher click throughs right away.
  • Halloween Day sees a massive spike of last-minute shoppers, especially for costumes.

Although we don’t have Google’s data, much of this will likely be the same across both search engines. (Bing devotes a number of slides to how its audience differs from Google’s, if you’re interested.)

The slideshow is clearly aimed at companies that sell costumes, candy or decorations. But what interests me is how this can be a gold mine for other businesses, too. Any kind of business can use a Halloween themed promotion, for example, and it can perform well earlier than you’d expect. You could offer a discount to anyone who comes in with a pet in a costume, then post photos of the pets to your social media—even if you’re an oil change shop.

Three other takeaways are hidden in the data:

  1. The slideshow reveals that a “DIY”(do it yourself) approach to Halloween is popular, on everything from costumes and cards to decorations and sweets. That creates a big opportunity. You could get big traffic from DIY or inspirational content even if your business doesn’t sell Halloween goods. Think of a “how we made our Halloween costumes” blog series, or recipes for spooky treats.
  2. The pet thing is no joke. Bing says 23 million Americans dress their pets in costumes and pet costume searches are huge. Fill your social media with your furry mascot in a costume for big shares and new followers.
  3. Get specific in your online ad copy. Bing has a heat map of what works and what doesn’t, and ads that simply advertised “50 percent off!” did poorly across the board. Ads targeting specific searches (like kid costumes, costume sizes, or themes) did best.

EverSpark Interactive can take these lessons and put them into action for your brand. Want great content, a growing web presence, and real ROI on your SEO? Get your free consultation now before the Halloween buzz wears off.