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Can Optimized Product Descriptions Help Increase My Sales?

If you are running an ecommerce site having unique and informative descriptions alongside your products can really make a difference to your sales. As well as this, making your descriptions original will help you to avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content, especially if you are selling products provided by a third party and which your competitors are also selling.
Time was that when setting up an ecommerce website you would simply apply the product descriptions provided to you by the manufacturer or supplier. Often this would be a fairly basic description of the goods on offer, was unlikely to contain any keywords other than the product name and most importantly would appear on lots of other websites as other retailers opt to sell the same products.

If your website has hundreds or even thousands of products, then re-writing all the descriptions for the purposes of SEO and to improve customer experience, may seem like a huge mountain to climb. But it is one worth climbing for the following reasons:
Writing orginal descriptions has always been a good idea. Your descriptions can help to engage your customers as well as give them the information they want to know about certain items. Securing a sale can depend on getting your customers interest, telling them why they should buy the product and why they should buy it from you, and help to allay any concerns they may have. Fail to do any of these then your customers are likely to go to a competitor instead.

Optimizing your descriptions for SEO purposes is also a good idea although the jury is still out on whether or not it is worth it. Including keywords and terms which you have identified first in your descriptions can help your rankings for those products and help generate traffic. For some optimizing product descriptions for the purposes of SEO has given a boost in search engine results, whilst others have felt it a waste of time as the results where only marginal and no real benefit was gained. It may be worthwhile optimizing only a portion of your descriptions and comparing the results with those that you have not applied any SEO to. However, it is always a good idea to optimize page titles, category names and product names (if possible) with keywords to help customers find them faster within search results.

Producing your own product descriptions with original and informative text, written with your target audience in mind, can help build trust and loyalty in your website. Unique descriptions will make your site stand out from your competitors and by telling customer’s what they want to know can help to secure that all important sale. Of course, building trust and brand loyalty in your website helps your search engine rankings too.