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How Businesses Are Responding to the Facebook Timeline

Whether you like it or not, the new timeline has come out for businesses. Though it is voluntary for businesses to change over to the new format right now, it will be mandatory for all pages come March 3oth. Some companies are still skeptical, but others are embracing it in a big way. After all, timeline provides an easier way to promote a narrative story about your company, which is important for connecting with audiences. You can show the milestones your company has reached to the world, and thereby gain brand advocates who like where your company has come from and how it has evolved.


Biggest Changes

For those that missed our blog post from last week, there a major changes that come with the new timeline. The biggest change is the format, at the top of the page is a huge “cover photo” that spans the entire width of the site and post below are larger, emphasizing graphics and video.


Business Page Cover Photo and Summary of Info


There are no longer any Facebook tabs, which many companies used for promotions. In their place are links under the cover photo that can be customized to a company’s apps, introduction page, photos, video, or whatever they want.


Ford Mustang’s Timeline goes back to 1965


One other change is the ability for Facebook users to message the page administrator. This provides a private way for customers to interact with a brand or business. Before, many brands dealt with their customer service in public right on their Facebook wall. Now they have the option of privacy which could also increase consumer trust.

Timeline can show Company History

All the technical features aside, my favorite part of the timeline is the chronology. This is especially interesting when applied to brands with a long history. Some brands must have been anticipating this since they have photos and artifacts on their time line from the early 20th century and before. Great examples of old brands that utilized the timeline for their history include Ford Mustang, Coca-Cola, American Express and….just to name a few.



1905 American Express granted official currency exchange services, show on the new Facebook timeline

1942 – Tells a story of how two people fell in love during the war on the new Facebook timeline.


 How do I measure now?

In terms, of analytics everything seems to be similar to the old Facebook insights. Now, when you log on to you page, analytics appear above the cover page. Right away you can see if you have any new notifications, message, or likes. You also see a graph of your posts, who is talking about you, and your reach. Any of these features can be expanded by clicking on “see all.”

The Admin Panel when you first log in to your business page


Overall, the changes may seem scary at first, but could be greatly used to your company’s benefit. Since the timeline is so new, more tips and tricks with be revealed as the days go on. Just don’t’ be afraid to try it out for your business, the sooner the better!


More Information

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