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Try Crowdtap and Understand Your Brand’s Influence

If you are in charge of marketing for a brand or a business, sit up and pay attention. Now, we all know social media is incredibly important for businesses both burgeoning and established. Since we all know this, many have looked for a unique way to approach branding themselves on social media. That’s where Crowdtap comes in. This is a brand-driven social media service that you can use as a consumer to comment on favorite companies.



Crowdtap was named the Up-and-Coming Social Media Service in 2011 by Mashable and has a whole new approach to social media. The start-up was founded in 2009 by Brandon Evans,  former CSO of Mr. Youth, a New York ad agency. Crowdtap is located in New York City’s Union Square (or as come like to call it “Silicon Alley”) and is home to a stellar executive team all with in-depth marketing and advertising experience.

Instead of trying to paraphrase their mission, I’ll quote right from their site: “Shift marketing to a fully collaborative and participatory process between brands and consumers.”



As a consumer, you sign up via Facebook. When you first reach your home page you are at the basic Level 1: Cardboard (as you move up this changes, ie. Level 2: Plastic). Underneath your profile and points counter are Missions, Quickhits, and Actions you can do to earn more points:


Opening screen of a consumer’s Crowdtap profile


Missions can include performing Quickhits, being a panelist or a commentator on a certain brand. Quickhits are a series of survey questions about different brands.

Quickhit poll for a Yankee fragrance

Quickhit response feedback


After you have participated in enough missions, Crowdtap awards you with prizes based on the amount of points you have (almost like an arcade).


Prizes you can redeem with points earned

Business/Brand Side

Crowdtap has already garnered interest from major companies such as Energizer, American Express, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, and many more. These brands gather insight from consumers that are proven to be the most influential for a specific brand or industry. In this way, Crowdtap is different from other advertising measures that purely use number of impressions to determine success. Crowdtap delves deeper by incorporating quality of consumer impressions.

If all of this still didn’t make a lot of sense for you check out this “Introduction to Crowdtap” YouTube video.


More Information

Want to learn more about social networking and its importance for your business? Looking to find free tips and news updates from the online world? Visit our blog regularly to stay informed. With questions more specific to your business, give us a call today at 770-481-1766.


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