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An important part of improving the client experience for law firms is optimizing your law firm’s conversion rate. Law firm owners should be familiar with the term if they are investing in their firm’s marketing – but if you’re unfamiliar, don’t worry, I’m here to help! Setting the scene The client conversion rate for law firms utilizes a formula to determine how many new clients are being signed up in a given time period and is used in tandem with a firm’s marketing efforts to determine the efficacy of their marketing budget. Keeping track of your firm’s conversion rates during different time frames helps firm management:

Why you need it and how to choose the best option Technology is amazing, isn’t it? I know it’s a corny thing to say, but it’s true! I grew up watching my mother, a seasoned paralegal, sort through boxes and boxes of client paperwork just to find a single document. When I joined the legal field myself, I was amazed at the technological advancements the field had seen, especially when it came to digitizing the client intake experience. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and cloud-based client intake software are just two of the incredible and essential programs used in the legal world to organize cases.  These programs offer

Take 5 minutes to complete our legal intake questionnaire Hi, readers! Since the beginning of the pandemic, the legal industry has changed drastically. New technology is regularly rolled out, firms are working remotely, and staffing needs vary day to day. I find myself curious about how law firms are adapting to these industry changes. That’s where you, readers, come in. ESIgnite is conducting a survey on the current state of the legal industry, specifically law firm operations. If you are a law firm owner, managing partner, or office manager, please take five minutes to complete the survey below or use this link. Once the survey is

Hint: They're just as important as lawyers Your intake specialist is your firm’s gatekeeper. They’re responsible for helping the firm run smoothly by bringing in good cases and directing unqualified cases elsewhere. Do you have a dedicated intake department? If not, your receptionist is probably drowning in calls, unsure which are qualified and which aren’t, meaning your firm is losing out on quality prospects. Making a clear distinction between intake and reception is a surefire way to increase staff productivity and bring in more, better cases. It begins by developing a consistent process for handling intake, and EverSpark can help with that process. Our brand-new ESIgnite legal

Perspective by Mara Siegel, Legal Intake Training Manager I used to be the intake director for a law firm in Ohio. Each year the attorneys allocated a huge chunk of our budget to external brand-building, which meant we shelled out a small fortune in advertising and lead generation year after year. Meanwhile, internal team building and training took a back seat. Internal growth efforts were relegated to low-stakes, low-reward group outings and one-time events that provided a temporary boost in morale, but not much else. In these shortcomings I saw an opportunity: Instead of allocating a huge portion of our budget to external advertising efforts, we could place