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As a small, internet based business, how will Google Business Pictures benefit me?

Google Business Pictures can benefit your small, internet based business in a couple of ways. First, it will help you set yourself apart from the competition. If potential clients can see where you work, they will be more likely to trust you. Since you are in a business that requires little (to no) face to face interaction, 360 degree photos of your work environment will contribute to your perceived legitimacy.

Additionally, an exterior photo (like from Google Street View) will not do your business justice if you work from home or in a small space. However, if your interior photo is of your extensive home office or your well-adorned small office, for example, it will definitely be attractive to potential customers. Additionally, in the future, Google will probably take Google Business Pictures into account when considering where sites rank. They will be more likely to trust your site when it comes to crawling and indexing, because of one of the company’s trusted photographers came to your office and took photos – it shows that you have nothing to hide, you are who you say you are, and you are located where you say you are located.

As a small, internet based business, how will Google Business Pictures benefit me?

Optimizing your business on Google Business Pictures means differentiating yourself. Show off your high-tech interior and show that you are proactive about your Google ranking. This will also allow you to build credibility and show that your business has a sense of personality that maybe the bigger businesses with whom you are in direct competition lack.

Furthermore, the pictures feature allows you to upload your own photos in addition to those taken by the Google photographers. Your photos can even be used to announce seasonal events and renovations within your office – if you keep updating this, it will show both the Google crawlers and your potential customers that you keep up with latest trends and adjust your business accordingly.

There probably are not a lot of small internet based businesses taking part in Google Business Pictures right now, and that alone is good reason to take part. Use this to your advantage! Even though Google just rolled out this new feature, it will likely become a factor in the rankings, so why not get ahead of the game?

To see more on this topic, see EverSpark CEO Jason Hennessey’s comments in the article, Showcase Your Business to Potential Customers with Google Business Photos.