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What to do after you have corrected your webmaster violations

This may seem a little redundant but some people don’t know what to do after being in violation of a guideline. If you watch our video, ‘Why has Google removed me from the search results,‘ it will give you more insight on what to do when removed from the SERPs.

What to do after you have corrected your webmaster violations

There are several reasons why your site could have been dropped from SERPs. One main reason that most sites are removed is because they are in violation of one of the Google guidelines. There are three sections of the Google guidelines: design and content, technical and quality guidelines.

You will receive a notification of which guidelines your site violated through e-mail. The first thing you need to do is correct these mistakes. After you have made the corrections, submit your website for re-consideration. This is the same process as the first time you submit your website. It has to be re-crawled, re-indexed and re-assessed. This can take up to three weeks; sometimes it will take longer, and sometimes it happens sooner.

While you wait for Google to re-consider your website, take this time to make serious updates and changes. Don’t just fix what you violated but learn from this and go beyond what is required to improve your site. By doing this you may start out at a higher ranking than before. You can also ask your users what needs to be changed and how you can improve your site.

After Google has revised your website it will send you a non-committal notification. Then re-check the SERPs for your website.