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AdWords Is Changing: Three of the Biggest Differences and How You Can Respond

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We covered Google I/O a few weeks ago, but failed to mention big changes coming to AdWords. However, we weren’t alone.

Google seemed to gloss over this point as well, which required them to clarify all of the upcoming changes to AdWords in Performance Summit five days later. What they revealed was that the changes hinted at went deeper than many suspected, with the potential to rewrite the way companies do paid search ads.

Search Engine Land did a great job of rounding up the technical details of the changes and how businesses should adjust to them. But we were worried that some of those concepts might go a bit deep for business owners or marketers that aren’t yet in the habit of managing their AdWords campaigns on a technical level.

So, to boil down the changes and what these differences could mean to AdWords customers, consider the following three revelations and suggestions:

1. AdWords Goes Big

Google is allowing for the use of “long headline ads” that can essentially double the digital real estate your paid ads use when they show up on search. Bigger means better in this instance, with a projected 20 percent lift in CTR (click through rate) as a result of the larger, more noticeable text ads.

Businesses wanting to take advantage of this feature can test how longer ads will look now using the Ad preview tool. Simply add a piece of sentence-ending punctuation to the end of Description line 1, and watch it magically appear as an extension of your headline. This technique allows you to test how the text may look when true long headlines rolls out.

You can also begin testing headline text combinations to find the perfect, punchy 2x 60 character lines without having to sacrifice verbosity for want of space. In other words, you can begin saying what you wanted to say rather than having to cut it shor

2. Device-Specific Bid Adjustment

Bid adjustment is an AdWords feature that allows you to bump up your potential bid based on high-value audiences, such as if you want to pay more for a higher chance of your ad appearing to someone who lives near your Alpharetta store location. Now, this feature allows you to pick adjustments for three device types: PC, smartphone and tablet. Before, mobile was separate, with PC and tablets lumped together.

This new adjustability allows you to more-specifically target campaigns to tablet users. Perhaps they have a history of being more likely to make a purchase, or maybe you just think your AdWords phrases look better on a larger-screen format.

Of course, since the feature is not-yet-released, you won’t know what you know until you know it. But anticipate measuring how tablet audiences react differently in terms of CTR to create strategies that maximize high-value audiences.

3. Promoted Google Maps Pins

Ads will start appearing on Google Maps searches! Google showed the example of a Walgreens map pin showing off a coupon for $3 off contact lens solution, just as an example of how it might work.

Google Maps will grab info for these ads using feeds found on MyBusiness pages, so take a look at the options available now and how you can make the most of them when promoted pins roll out.

More AdWords Changes to Come!

Sophisticated attribution models, semantic search enhancements and better demographic targeting, oh my! Google has a slew of technical changes set to roll out, but describing them now would be nebulous since the world has yet to see them in action.

To stay on top of changes like these and ensure that you will be able to take advantage of them without having to enroll in coding classes, entrust a professional Atlanta search engine marketing company like EverSpark. We study up on all changes as they come out and optimize our clients’ campaigns accordingly to have the most impact. Contact us to learn more.