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A Day in the Life of Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

It wasn’t long ago that Pinterest tried to “man up” its image by tailoring search results based on gender. The site has far more female users than male, and previously had the image of being for ladies only.

Did the new search results change that image? It would seem not, based on a great spoof by the New Yorker:

Getting out of her vintage cast-iron bed, Pinterest trips on a pile of antlers. Whoops! She must have been arranging wall clusters in her sleep again. She puts the antlers back where they belong—on the head of the live deer that hangs out by her window. Then she puts a flower crown on the deer and feeds it some homemade maca-and-almond energy balls before it scampers off. “Cherish each moment!” Pinterest yells after it…

Read the whole, hilarious piece here. Warning: you may need to do glitter crafts afterward.