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70 Percent of Mobile Searchers Use ‘Click to Call’ – Do You?

Adapting your online strategy to new technology can be hard. When mobile devices went mainstream, for example, millions of people began using them to shop – and many businesses had unexpected expenses as they raced to create a mobile-friendly version of their website. But not all changes in technology are hard to respond to, and new findings from Google suggest an inexpensive way to boost your sales.

“Click to call” is a feature that many business owners still aren’t familiar with. But if there was any doubt that consumers are using it, a Google-commissioned study by Ipsos has laid them to rest. Click to call embeds a “call” symbol next to your company in search results (or ads) and one tap of the finger lets a mobile user dial your business. It turns out consumers love it.

The study surveyed smartphone users across a wide swath of age groups, supplemented by Google’s own usage data. The results speak for themselves:

  • 70 percent of users have used the click-to-call button
  • More than half said that if they are searching for a business online, they “frequently” or “always” need to call it
  • 47 percent said that they will skip over a business without click to call and look at other options
  • Mobile search ads average an 8 percent increase in click-through rate

That last bullet point alone pretty much sells it.

But that’s just the thing: there’s nothing to sell. While only a fraction of businesses have click-to-call buttons embedded in their ads or search results, the process of adding the button is remarkably simple – and cheap. Google does not charge extra to turn on click to call for your business; it’s a free option you can add to any AdWords campaign.

This may seem to defy the now-standard knowledge that phones are old news. For years consumers have been doing more and more shopping via website alone, but that’s because the computer was a device completely divorced from the telephone. Now, the computer is the telephone for millions of people – and if you allow mobile searchers to easily call you, they’ll take you up on it.

If you need help setting up click to call on your PPC campaign or mobile website, we’re happy to help. It doesn’t take any extra software or major changes to your code – all we need is the phone number for your click-to-call button to route to. Click to call can boost your conversions substantially, so talk to EverSpark today.