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7 Quick Digital Marketing Tweaks That Make Great Last-Minute Xmas Gifts for Your Team

Adding just a few quick upgrades to your current digital marketing toolset can make everyone’s lives easier on your team — just in time to serve as a Christmas gift of sorts.

It’s the end of the year, and we’re all feeling a bit clocked out counting down the days at our Atlanta digital marketing agency until we get our Holiday break. In these last few days, starting a new project or making a significant change to your digital marketing practices can feel like the last thing you want to do.

But you don’t have to write a 1,000 page strategy document to make positive changes to digital marketing. In fact, just a few quick tweaks and add-ons can make the process of creating content, optimizing content, and revealing strategic opportunities infinitely easier. Your marketing team will thank you for the increased efficiency and ease, making you practically Santa Claus around the office.

Try any or all of the following digital marketing quick fixes and tweaks to ring in the Yuletide and make returning for the New Year all the sweeter.

Buy a Decent Stock Photo Subscription

Even though video content is slowly eating up larger shares of internet traffic, text blogs still get the job done. Text content is easy to produce, works well as a signal to search algorithms, and — unlike video — can be skimmed quickly to get the gist.

But people still need something to grab their attention and get them engaged, i.e. a great accompanying image. Facebook posts with images get 2.5 times the engagement, and tweets with images get shared 150% more often.

Many marketers realize this but want to pinch pennies by using a sub-standard stock photo site or (gasp!) forcing writers to use only royalty free images.

Trust us when we say shelling out for the gold standard stock photo subscription is worth it. You find higher quality, more relevant images more quickly, and you don’t have to sweat about getting sued later because you misunderstood the free use license.

Your staff will not only appreciate this, but they will also get more creative with how they use visual aids to draw people in.

Assemble a Swipe File of Great, Relevant Industry Stats

That stat about Facebook engagement we listed above? We’ve used that like 10 times before, and for the past nine we had to Google “visual content statistics” to find it. But this time we snagged it right out of a quick reference file.

Like a great stock photo source, reference files simplify the process of adding quality to your content. Having sources and statistics is important for letting audiences know what’s at stake, but the process of tracking them down wastes time.

Make your life easier by storing everything in a spreadsheet. You can start with simple categories and dump lists, then flesh your formatting out over time. Just make sure to date every stat and look for fresher sources after six months or so.

Build a “Contact Us” Landing Page or Form for Generic CTAs

Your “Contact Us” page is probably pretty boring. That’s totally okay! It needs to be simple and clean so that someone who visits your site can get to it right away.

But if your Contact Us page is a snoozefest, maybe don’t link to it during the Call to Action (CTA) at the end of your blog or website content? Instead, your links should point towards a landing page that serves as a quick elevator pitch as well as a lead capture form.

You could obsess over CRO (conversion rate optimization) and A/B testing later, but for now just hash out something a little more interesting than your current Contact page. Your blog team will thank you, as will their readers.

Invest in a Rank Monitoring and SEO Analytics Tool

Data helps you make smart decisions. Without it, you’re left making stabs in the dark and having to learn through trial-and-error.

SEO analytics tools like Ahrefs or RankRanger give you essential data about your current rank, your competitors’, and the ranking signal information that can help you make up the difference. You can also get tools for keyword research, web monitoring and more.

Give either a try, and we promise you’ll wonder how you worked without them.

Configure Auto-Publishing for Your Content

Here’s a quick, convenient shortcut: add this Social Media Auto Publish script to your WordPress site. With it, you can publish to your blog as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at the exact same time.

Create a Brainstorm File for Content Topics

Just like the classic “what’s for dinner?” conversation at home, the “what do we write about now, boss?” conversation seems to float up at the most inopportune times.

Having a reference list of approved blog topics nips these dilemmas in the bud. Your team can refer to the list and write away, especially if there’s no recent news or great ideas to cover. Think of it as the equivalent of a frozen dinner, just with a much more enjoyable result!

As an added tip: include a list of 101 topics explaining the basics of your service model, industry or trending conversations. These can be assembled into a guide later or used handily for internal linking in other blogs.

Reach Out to an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency for Help

If you’re thinking about outsourcing digital marketing or switching agencies in the New Year, now is the perfect time to start researching.

And have a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!