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5 Things Marketers Are Most Thankful for in 2017

Personally speaking, there are a lot things we are individually thankful for at the EverSpark Interactive office. We naturally appreciate our friends, our family, our health, the opportunities to see beautiful things in the world, and for being able to work at truly great digital marketing agency in Atlanta.

But, as marketers, there are few things we are thankful for in the professional sense. So, to sit back and reflect on how lucky we are, we rounded up a few responses from the office to see what people could come up with. Here are the five best answers we got.

Google’s Push for Quality Content 

We hate the way a lot of online platforms have turned out as they have gained more users. We won’t name any names here, but suffice it to say we sound like a couple of old fogies around the office when we reminisce about the days before certain platforms were overrun by low-effort content and toxic trolls.

But not Google Search! Google genuinely wants to hone its platform to provide a great experience for users. And what that usually comes down to is great content. In fact, their algorithm prizes things like readability and audience engagement signals over keyword density.

As a result, marketers have been strongly encouraged to create genuinely great content. Talented writers get paid, and departments push themselves to reach the next level of what content is truly capable of achieving.

When a business can truly reward great work thanks to tangible results, it’s a rare thing and something we deeply appreciate.

Great Digital Marketing and SEO Research

We are thankful for folks like SEMrush, Neil Patel, Backlinko, Moz, Stone Temple Consulting and many countless others

Without their hard work, we would all still be basing our digital marketing decisions on superstition and myths. But they take the time to plan and carry out comprehensive research studies that no doubt take up many hours of their time. They don’t just phone it in, either, but really dig into the data and get a huge sample size whenever possible.

So, for enlightening us and also helping us avoid doing things that are stupid, we thank you!

The Huge Flexibility, Control and ROI of Social Media Marketing and AdWords

AdWords and later tools like Facebook and LinkedIn all helped make paid marketing easier for everyone. Just like eBay revolutionized online selling so it could become self-service, the user friendly tools, powerful level of control and flexibility of online paid advertising makes it easier for every business of every size to create an online advertising budget.

Even better, the tools provide deep levels of targeting and data analytics. Together, you can use them to test out for new audiences and pinpoint ways to chase higher ROI than ever before.

The Public Encouraging Marketers to Help Support Causes

Just like Google pushes companies to make better content, the consumer public pushes companies to care about more than their bottom line. Almost three quarters of people 18-34 say that businesses should have a positive social impact. Over 90 percent said they would switch to a brand that associated itself with a worthy cause.

This strong belief that businesses should make a difference has helped fuel a sea change in the corporate world. Now, charitable giving and support is no longer seen as a fad or a publicity stunt but as a meaningful component of the business model. Just about every business out there now strives to fuse their branding with some sort of cause or passion. And that’s something we can all be thankful for.

How Easy It Is to Find Amazing GIFs Online

One of the things we look forward to most when making these blogs is finding ways to sneak in funny gifs from our favorite shows and things we see online. Yes, it’s silly, but it brightens our day, and we hope it brightens yours, too.

Not only do these funny gifs bring a quick smile to many faces, but they help break up the text of the blog and make said blogs easier to read. We and other content marketers are eternally grateful for this tool.

With all that said, we’re going to go stuff our faces now, so have a happy Thanksgiving everyone and remember, if you ever need assistance with SEO, content or other parts of your digital marketing campaign, we’re here for you!