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5 SEO Resolutions for 2015


Another calendar year is over and four promising new quarters lie before us. What if 2015 was the year you finally got more traffic, more buzz, more social media fans and, best of all, more sales? With the right SEO it can be. Here are five SEO resolutions every business owner should make before rolling up their sleeves for the new year:

  1. Jump start your blog. What kind of content goes up on your company blog? For many businesses the answer is “not much.” Company blogs often get short shrift, unveiling the occasional press release or special offer and mostly sitting dormant. This is a huge lost opportunity because both frequent blogging and high quality blogging boost your SEO. In fact, as Google increasingly focuses on content as a marker of value, it could be said that your blog is your single greatest SEO weapon. We used to recommend that businesses blog at least once a week, but in today’s market we’d say more than that is better—two or three times a week at least. If you don’t have a talented writer on staff, pay for professional content creation. It will pay off.
  2. Optimize off-site. One of the lessons that many businesses learned in 2014 was the importance of local SEO. If you’re coming late to the party then it’s time to get moving! The first steps in a good local SEO presence are also the easiest: optimize offsite on the map and directory type sites that people use to find nearby businesses. That means get your complete information up on Yelp, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps and any industry-specific review sites (restaurant sites, travel sites, lawyer listings, etc.). If your information is already up check that it’s all accurate including hours.


  1. Make your mobile site work. The mobile version of your website shouldn’t be an afterthought. The mobile share of internet traffic continues to grow and people increasingly use their devices as a main tool for browsing—especially getting store and restaurant information while already out shopping. If your site is built on WordPress, you already have a built-in mobile theme, but make sure it’s working an hasn’t been damaged by any plugins. Check how your mobile site looks on multiple devices. Most importantly, make sure that all of your functionality is available on the mobile version. It’s what your users expect.
  2. Rethink your keywords. We all have lists of keywords we want to rank for—sometimes long lists. But the days of outsourcing piles of keyword-crammed articles are gone. Search engines today focus on high quality readable content and hand out penalties for suspicious overuse of keywords. That means businesses need to pare down their keyword focus and build more natural content around the most valuable phrases. We recommend using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to evaluate all your keywords and see which ones are really worth focusing on. While you’re at it, you can also get suggestions on other phrases you should try. You might find a new gem.
  3. Conduct an  There are dozens of technical factors that can harm your SEO without you ever realizing it. Everything from dead links to obscure bits of code, to the possibility that Google has issued a penalty against your site. An SEO technical audit checks every one of these factors and gives you a complete snapshot of everything you need to know, complete with recommendations. Best of all, it’s a cost-effective investment: an SEO audit only take about 6 hours and gives you the power to either implement recommendations on your own, in-house, or hire an SEO consultant for the select strategies you know will have the most impact.

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