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5 Amazing Twitter Marketing Facts for Twitter’s 10th Birthday

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Most 10-year-olds these days have trouble making it to soccer practice. Not many have 3,900 employees under their belt and $2.22 billion in yearly revenue. Then again, not many have lost $2.09 billion since their conception, but that’s another story.

On its 10th birthday this week, Twitter reflected on all the emotional stories they have helped shares, all the news they helped break and all the rules they changed for online social media and marketing. Like any good birthday party, fights broke out, people laughed, smiled and cried and prayed for their cousins who look like vending machine pastries.

At the heart of all this not-so-somber reflection, millions of brands no doubt used the seminal moment to evaluate their current Twitter strategy. Even though Twitter has been around a decade, countless brands still don’t seem to know the best use of the platform. If they took a second to consider these 5 landmark contributions Twitter gave to the marketing world, they just might gain the perspective they need:

1. Hashtags

Where would brands be without hashtags? The simple yet effective device helps keep campaigns organized, simplifies the act of showing attributable support and allows people to quickly participate without even having to use Google search.

The first hashtag was proposed by user Chris Messina’s @factoryjoe handle to borrow a concept from IRC chat. Originally, the idea was to unify groups without having formal group pages a la Facebook, but the practice quickly grew to encompass powerful concepts or connect tangential ideas. Before long, hashtag become invoked into the language as a marketing tool and a lame punchline.

2. Immediacy and Accessibility

A weird phenomenon occurs on Twitter that is not present on other social media channels. While something like Facebook feels calculated almost to the point of artifice, the tweets celebrities and brands send out can make them feel like real people, just like you and me. The fact that this adorable selfie is the most-retweeted picture of all time speaks to the desire to want to see others as having the same interests and urges as they do. Even if we don’t always want to see it.

3. Real Time Marketing

Oreo’s storied “Dunk in the Dark” tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl blackouts showed us that marketing can be lightning quick as long as you have the right type of messaging pre-loaded in your brain.

4. New Customer Service Channels

When T-Mobile began to get a surprising amount of tweets asking them about service outages, they decided to embrace the idea rather than pigeonholing customer to a different channel. Now, T-Mobile and hundreds of other companies handle support actions through tweets on a daily basis.

5. New Ways of Connecting

Beyond customer service, shout-outs and surprise and delight moments are made easier thanks to Twitter being right at your fingertips. The most famous incident is when Peter Shankman requested a porterhouse steak from @Mortons when he landed in Newark Airport, and he actually got his request!

Let Us Help You Make the Most of Twitter, No Matter What the Next 10 Years May Hold

These marketing landmarks all show that with a little ingenuity, persistence and attentive listening, channels like Twitter can help you resonate with your audiences like never before. Let EverSpark guide you past Twitter’s infancy into the current tumultuous adolescence and hopefully onto full-fledged maturity as Twitter evolves through the help of our digital marketing services. Get started today!