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3 Ways to Get More Value from Your Keywords

How many high-value keywords do you try to rank for? Some businesses have lots to choose from, but in many industries there are only a few key phrases that bring traffic in the door. And for some keywords this traffic has a low conversion rate or simply isn’t the right crowd. So when you strike upon a keyword that works, you need to get the most out of it.

How do you do that? That’s the focus of a new piece by Tom Demers over at Search Engine Land. This extremely detailed guide gives both paid and organic methods for boosting how much traffic—and how many conversions—you get from your top performing keywords.

Tom points out that this applies mainly to B2B companies, since there are less people searching for their products and the searches are highly specific (the example he gives is “food service point of sale systems”). But it’s worth noting that these strategies will work for any business. Even if you have lots of high performing keywords, you could apply these steps to your top two or three and get even more from them.

So what does Tom suggest? Let’s look at three of his best recommendations:

#1 Test Your  Copy

Tom’s very first suggestion is one of the most important: test your copy. This means both the copy of your AdWords ads and the copy of the landing page for that keyword. These are, after all, the two places where what you write can pull people closer to a sale—or not.

The benefits go beyond just getting more people through the funnel, however. As Tom points out, if a higher percentage of your click-throughs end up converting, then you can afford to bid higher on the keyword without affecting your cost per acquisition.

#2 Unleash “Display Select”

Most of us who use AdWords are very familiar with the power of remarketing—targeting display ads at searchers who visited your site but then clicked away. However, very few businesses are familiar with another AdWords option known as Display Select Keywords. Display Select puts your ad in front of users who have searched for your term in the past, even if they never visited your site.

As you can imagine this can be quite powerful. Someone looking for a product like yours may not have been enticed by your initial ad, or may simply not have been served that ad. But if they haven’t found what they were looking for from a competitor, then Display Select can really pay off. It’s generally weaker than remarketing, but still a very strong ad option.

#3 Mine the SERPs

As Tom says, “If the traffic that comes to my site for [my keyword] converts very well for me, it may follow that the traffic that comes to other people’s sites for the same term could be profitable for me as well.”

No, he’s not suggesting snaking your competitor. Instead, he says to simply google your keyword and look through the top results. Not all of them will be competitors. Some may be informational sites or review sites, and those sites will likely allow advertising (or at least a review of your own product). That means you can get in front of more of the search traffic for your keyword.

Winning with Pay Per Click

As you can see, most of Tom’s suggestions assume you use AdWords. This is a must alongside a successful SEO campaign, as it takes the value of your keyword research and marries it to your targeted advertising.

Does your business need help launching a stronger AdWords campaign? Or are you stuck even knowing which keywords to aim for? EverSpark can help. Our SEO and internet marketing professionals can help you get the traffic you need. Call us for a free consultation today.