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February 2022

Learn to Make the Most of Your Law Firm PPC Budget Personal injury firms are missing out on a gold mine, and it’s all thanks to their poorly-managed ad campaigns. It’s time to stop wasting money and finally take control of your paid advertising. Keep reading for six ways to make the most of your law firm PPC budget, as explained by EverSpark’s PPC Account Manager Jamie Hallen. 1. Identify Your Testing Budget & What You Want to Get Out of It It’s foolish to put all your chips into PPC without first testing the campaign. Unless you somehow defy the laws of the internet, you’ll end

Fact: Google likes timely, relevant content better than outdated work. (Who doesn’t?) Another fact: Content doesn’t update itself, so if you want your pages to rank better, you’re going to need to do some optimizations. In this post, our on-page optimizations team takes a deep dive into the best ways to choose what pages to optimize. That’s usually the hardest part of the process, so we’re here to give you some tips and technical insight. If you want to know more about on-page optimizations (OPO), check out our blog “What is On-Site SEO?”  Everyone else, keep reading to learn how to choose pages to optimize on your