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October 2019

If you work in stem cell marketing, then you likely heard the sonic boom go off in early September that Google will no longer allow ‘stem cell therapy’ advertising to appear on Google AdWords.  In Google’s own words: “Today, we’re announcing a new Healthcare and medicines policy to prohibit advertising for unproven or experimental medical techniques such as most stem cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy, and gene therapy.” The purpose of this article isn’t to question Google’s decision or to debate what is or isn’t ‘unproven or experimental’ in regards to stem cell therapy. Rather, it’s to deal with the industry's new normal and what you,

You know search engine rankings are important for your law firm. And you know other law firms are ranking above you for your target keywords.  But why? Your firm’s marketing team publishes blog posts each week, shares them on social media, and updates your practice area pages. You run pay-per-click campaigns and advertise in local publications. Your attorneys have won countless awards. Why, then, does search engine optimization (SEO) feel like an elusive, mythical creature you can’t tame? Law firm SEO is a specialized process SEO takes time, but with the right process, you can outrank competing law firms in your area. The issue though, is that many