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November 2017

A recent survey of small business owners revealed that most businesses are on the right track when it comes to small business marketing, but they are also woefully neglecting their own website content. The survey, which was conducted by a company known as Wasp Barcode Technologies, gathered responses from 1,127 random small businesses based in the U.S. Staffing ranged from five to 499 full-time employees. A large proportion of responses came from construction firms and those in the professional services industry, which includes accountants, consultants, legal representation, etc. Keep this in mind since it may have slightly skewed the data. With all that out of

Personally speaking, there are a lot things we are individually thankful for at the EverSpark Interactive office. We naturally appreciate our friends, our family, our health, the opportunities to see beautiful things in the world, and for being able to work at truly great digital marketing agency in Atlanta. But, as marketers, there are few things we are thankful for in the professional sense. So, to sit back and reflect on how lucky we are, we rounded up a few responses from the office to see what people could come up with. Here are the five best answers we got. Google’s Push for Quality Content  We

Every business should be listed online using the Google My Business (GMB) information system. Make no mistake that this system is your friend and will work in your favor when it comes to generating leads. GMB pages generate strong signals for searches related to business categories. Having a complete GMB profile is also essential for locally focused businesses, especially ones that serve customers at the business’s physical address. But even businesses without a brick and mortar location can benefit from a local search. So, whether you’re 100% online or 100% in-store, GMB is very much worth your time. The best part about GMB is that

SEMRush released an amazing study this summer objectively measuring and statistically analyzing over a dozen common ranking factors. Now, they have followed up on the study to scrutinize their results and apply a few different ways to test the weight of ranking factors. Surprisingly, their results drew almost the exact same conclusions we covered in our previous post on the top SEO ranking factors. Namely: behavior signals for website visitors matters more than any sort of on-page SEO use. Backlink quality also matters a lot, too, so websites must strive to get content shares and guest post spots to climb their way up the

Emotions were felt by all when Twitter rolled out its doubled character limit. Long confined 2 making tweets that r hard 4 u 2 read, many marketers rejoiced that they could now use their Twitter accounts to communicate in more complete thoughts. Others who had mastered the 140 character limit predicted that Twitter would begin to generate a lot more unwanted noise. Both are right! The expanded character limit does free you from using abbreviations that are hard to parse through and that look unprofessional. But just because you can type more characters doesn’t mean you always should. Look to the account of everyone’s

Optimizing your website for customer service needs can dramatically improve customer sentiment, retention and even lead generation. Having your site ready for a great customer experience is particularly important in a time when Black Friday and major Holiday sales days are just around the corner.   When marketers and business owners think about the customer journey, usually that journey ends with a purchase. But to actual customers, their journey includes every single interaction they have with a brand. If they’re having an issue or need some sort of support, these moments often define their experience far more than any initial purchase.   Give your customers reasons to

If you catch your relatives glancing at their phones this Thanksgiving, it’s a good chance they’re bookmarking some juicy Black Friday deals. Consumer confidence is flying high in 2017, and experts predict it will lead to a significant bump in Holiday spending. Current forecast suggest a 4 percent increase in retail Holiday spending this year, which is a slightly higher gain than in 2016. Ecommerce businesses and other retailers should therefore get geared up for a better-than-usual Holiday spending season, starting with Black Friday. Here are some of the strategies you can use to prepare for the Holiday rush. Torture Test Your Website A deluge of Black