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November 2016

Reddit co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman was recently caught using his administrative powers to change the text of certain users’ posts in various subreddits. His actions have drawn ire, with some calling for his resignation. At the same time, they invite us to ponder the role of administrators in facilitating open online discussion while simultaneously curbing toxic behavior. These particular changes affected posts where users were complaining about Huffman by name. In such comments, Huffman replaced his name with Reddit usernames of people who were most vocally critical, in a stunning use of the “I know you are but what am I?” postulate first

Google, Facebook Pull Plug on Fake News  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was in a fowl mood this weekend after flocks of millions of ducks invaded downtown Manhattan’s financial district. The incoming avians caused extensive damage to sky rises, but they responded by saying: “Just put it on our bill.” Yes, we made up that story for a cheap pun, but also to illustrate how easy it is to rattle off some ridiculous news content that can draw clicks. When people cave and read the story, all those visits translate to ad revenues for the sites that host it. The company gets more

People tend to keep to their own circles in the realm of digital marketing, but a unique approach known as digital PR ties all of these circles together into a neat bow alongside traditional PR principles. Like its traditional counterpart, digital PR aims to expose a brand to as many people as possible while presenting it in a highly professional light. Like content marketing and reputation management, having brand messaging turn up on search engines is also priority. Like influencer marketing, digital PR departments extensively network with trending influencer sites and video channels to collaborate on content, creating optimal conditions for a viral takeoff. Finally,

Google Home, a new voice-based home assistant device, allows users to interact with connected features entirely through voice, including regular Google searches. When users ask Google Home a question that requires pulling an answer from the web, it will state the answer out loud, but also send that answer through in text form to a companion app.  This popout information also includes the site where the answer was originally found, potentially creating a source of traffic from voice-based queries if a site plays its cards right. So how can you take advantage of this feature? Simple. Here are the four steps you need to increase

Here lies Vine, taken from us at such an early age. We knew you for almost four years, and in that time, you have brought us endless joy in 6-second video format. You were beloved by the world, and especially by those who used you to attain pseudo-celebrity status, no matter how aggravating they were. Everyone wanted to be like you. From showcasing the daily lives of users around the world to being used to document tragic events like the Boston Marathon Bombing, you have been there for us. Why must we say goodbye to an app so good, and so young? *Sobs* From its

Can a ship be sinking if it still successfully makes its trip from A to B while providing enjoyment to millions of daily passengers? If you ask the shareholders behind the S.S. Twitter, then the answer is yes. If you ask the passengers, you will likely hear a laundry list of complaints and desired improvements, but with an implicit guarantee that they will be on board for the next 30 or so daily trips. So, the ship may not be plunging towards the ocean floor prow first, but the waterline creeps ever higher. This sinking feeling accompanies investors who wish the ship would get bigger