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September 2016

No matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on, chances are great that this recent election cycle has been stressing you out. Not only are both candidates considered more polarizing than eating pizza with silverware, but the sheer drawn-out spectacle of the primaries has made the whole process seem trapped in a hyperbolic time chamber. Yes, that was a Dragonball Z reference. Those who are ready for this election season to be over just saw their first major step Monday night, and boy has everyone been talking about it. In fact, the debate was the most watched in history as well as the one

In the 18 years Google has existed (happy birthday!), the search engine has made a habit of making massive overhauls to the way they populate search engine results pages (SERPs) while releasing them with little to no fanfare. In response, the internet has an even more entrenched habit of poring over any and all Google search engine algorithm updates to see which ranking factors are affected most. Then, they crown the update with an animal name or something similar. These are the things we do in this industry to amuse ourselves, folks. We're party animals. At the end of the day, though, Google’s willingness

Google released a new major search update that shook up local search results --- without really explaining it, naturally. Apparently, naming your search engine algorithm updates after avians is for the birds, too, because everyone’s deciding to call this one “Possum.” The name comes from the fact that some businesses Google My Business results have been seemingly disappearing in search, even though they really haven’t. This effect — My Business search results only “pretending to be dead” — prompted bored marketing wonks to label the new update “Possum.” Other possum effects include Google being less picky about whether your business resides in the target

In a feat of circular logic that would make Abbott & Costello proud, AdBlock Plus has now decided that digital ads can be a good thing… as long as they are the ones who make money off of it. Yes, the company that has continually drawn ire for tanking many sites’ revenue models and many advertisers’ exposure levels has now elected to sell back the milk it stole from the cow in the first place. No, this is not a satirical post from The Onion. To wit: AdBlock Plus has launched their own ad marketplace that allows website owners to nominate “acceptable” ads for their

When trying to diversify its offerings and improve its appeal, Twitter seems to have adopted Google's strategy: go big or go home. To that end, the limited-length, micro-blogging platform has jumped into media forays. We reported on the Twitter’s contract with the NFL back in spring, and since then they have added MLB and NHL exclusive broadcast rights to their roster. Now, Twitter is giving people a way to access these broadcasts simply and from a multitude of devices. Yesterday, they released an app available on Apple TV, Amazon TV and the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console, allowing people to easily stream the games

Although a bit of a late bloomer at 16, AdWords has grown up and started to sprout hair in funny places as it expands and matures. The expanded AdWords feature we mentioned in June has undergone a full release to the AdWords market, and along with it have come other substantial improvements to the UX and features for AdWords users. Let us briefly examine these features and how they might improve your ability to chase exposures, conversions and ROI through refined AdWords strategies. New AdWords Preview Tool Means Fewer Cut Offs, Which Mea… That ellipsis in the heading is a joke, but when ellipses cut off

If you have kept up with the buzz around the latest iPhone release, you will know that most of the talk is about what was left out more than what was added in. Namely, the 3.5 mm headphone jack that has been a staple of portable music devices since Star-Lord first jammed out to the Jackson Five. Apple evidently decided enough was enough — the plug that we have been using in roughly the same form since 1878 simply had to go. Apple product loyalists (including, admittedly, this writer), audiophiles and tech mavens all sounded off regarding the change in predictable fashion. Which is

Oh, yes! We’re one of those businesses that puts out the Christmas decorations well before the temperature gets below 70°, let alone before the first pumpkins are carved. The reason we dredge out the cardboard box from the attic early has everything to do with the huge surge in business activity around the Holiday period. eCommerce, retail, apparel, and even bars, restaurants or event venues all get bucketloads of extra business during what Andy Williams claims is the most wonderful time of the year. Since holiday shopping and booking has transformed from a month-long affair to a four-month marathon, your business will want to

People used to sneeze at influencer marketing, but now they may wish they had held their hankie a little closer. This digital marketing strategy has the potential to tap follower bases of hundreds of thousands or millions of targeted, high-value audiences. More importantly, social media follower demographics can often be more readily defined into personas and niches. Someone who follows a fitness personality like Brittany Renner, for example, will have a vastly different fashion sense than someone who follows a makeup vlogger like Patricia Bright/BritPopPrincess. As the trend of tapping influencers to subtly help push products grows, so, too, does the nuance and complexity