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April 2016

In case you haven’t noticed in the past couple of years, Google and its nemeses have grown up. With over a decade of experience under their belt, these search engines have moved beyond simple algorithms and into a host of competing metrics than run the gamut from simple page-crawling spiders to full-blown artificial intelligence. In the midst of all these changes, brands, their marketers and their webmasters may have noticed one thing: the laundry list of demands for ideal Search Engine Optimization have grown, and they have become more nuanced. No longer can specific numbers like keyword density percentages suffice. Instead, things like content

In a daring, risky and wholly original maneuver, we have decided to write an internet article about cats. All self-deprecation aside, the unusual, often borderline-obsessive relationship the internet has with cats is nothing short of fascinating and well worth studying. How does an animal that makes a deliberate hobby of testing gravity with your coffee mug still have a welcome place in our homes and on our browsers? Such is the mysterious energy of cats — their bipolar tendency to be both reprehensible jerks and cloyingly adorable at the same time. Brands that want to channel this limitless potential need look no further than these

This Sunday, the wildly popular HBO show Game of Thrones returns for its sixth season of dragons, beheadings, politics and White Walkers. If you are a fan of the show --- whether you pay for HBO or not --- you have probably wondered where you would fit in within George R. R. Martin’s vast and complex world. Perhaps you would be the One True King of Westeros, seeking to reclaim the Iron Throne. Or maybe you see yourself on the other end of the spectrum, as a lowly peasant trying to make a living (and keep your head). When you think about it, every member

In a classic example of the so-called “Barbra Streisand Effect,” efforts by University of California, Davis to scrub away online mentions of campus police’s infamous pepper spraying of student protesters has only served to make incident fresh again in the minds of the general public. Chancellor Linda Katehi’s spending of over $175,000 to PR firms like Nevin & Associates to “expedite the eradication of references to the pepper spray incident in search results” left a particularly bad taste in the their mouth. In response to this incident and Katehi’s alleged conflicts of interest serving on boards like for-profit college DeVry University, some are

Registered site owners who have neglected to switch over to mobile optimized site layouts will be getting an unexpected nudge in that direction if they happen to check on their Google results during these next few weeks. Search Engine Land reports that while typical searchers will see results as they normally appear, these offending site owners will get a stern but succinct message: “Your page is not mobile friendly.” Clicking on the hyperlinked text leads the site owner to Google’s Help page on mobile-friendly optimization, complete with guidelines and step-by-step suggestions for getting on board with the mobile-friendly trend. While Google’s message is essentially

As Twitter celebrated its 10th birthday recently, thoughts turned to how they can overcome their perception of stagnant growth and a plateaued brand image. The heart of the issue is that Twitter is having trouble attracting new users, and in this cynical, growth-obsessed capitalist society of ours, if you’re not on your way up, you might as well be going down. Now, Twitter is fighting back with the power of the NFL. As of April 5, the NFL signed a streaming deal with Twitter to exclusively broadcast 10 Thursday night games through their online platform during the 2016 football season. The deal has both the NFL

If you have been a loyal player of the Halo video game series, it may be more than a bit unsettling hearing Cortana jump from warning you about alien snipers, to helping you order Chinese takeout from your desktop. Like Apple’s Siri and Google’s “Google Now” function, Cortana aims to streamline interactivity between device and user, especially in hands-free situations. She is just one in a long line of upcoming digital assistant features, including one from Facebook that is expected to deliver smarter, more accurate recommendations for things like restaurants. The functionality of these programs has gone from sketchy at best to downright eerily accurate. In fact, one could experience