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February 2016

On this Throwback Thursday, we look back on one of our favorite posts from four years ago. At EverSpark Interactive, we love seeing the best of the best in creative digital marketing. These campaigns were simply stunning while they were active. If you look at recent marketing campaigns, you will likely notice a massive shift in targeting. While the campaigns from 2012 are heavily reliant of desktop web browsing and social media, current campaigns are all about mobile apps and browsing. You can see our favorite current digital marketing campaigns here. Without further ado, here are the best creative digital marketing campaigns of

New technology has a way of generating hype, but as everyone knows a tool is only as effective as the person who wields it. In the realm of digital marketing, this maxim means that creativity is still a marketer’s best weapon regardless of the latest, greatest and most popular flavor du jour. To illustrate how much of an impact creativity can have on a digital marketing campaign, consider these five campaigns that made waves recently not just for their use of trending tech, but for the heart, soul and ideas that ended up baked into them: Gatorade — “Victory Bath” Snapchat Lens Perhaps the only time

You may have heard a lot of talk about “the internet of things” lately and wondered how it could affect you as a business owner. As a consumer, you may already be aware of Internet of Things products like the Google Nest learning thermostat and the Fitbit fitness tracker. What qualifies these products as part of the “internet of things” is both their ability to obtain data and their always-connected nature. By constantly sending and receiving data to a global network, these devices can provide extra features to the owner, such as being able to change the indoor thermostat setting based on the

Welcome to the EverSpark School for Kids Who Can't Market Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too. We’ll look at the basics of digital marketing so you can reach a bigger audience than a New York Fashion Show. I’m pretty sure there's a lot more to life than having really, really, ridiculously good looking website. And I plan on finding out what that is. So first up: going mobile. Why Mobile is Important to Marketers According to the Google, people use their smartphones and tablets more than they use a computer. That’s pretty wild. The whole world is right there at their

Twitter recently announced controversial changes to its content that do not sit well with its user base. However, founder Jack Dorsey defends the changes, positing that they will create a more positive experience overall with minimal trade offs. For businesses not really concerned about the politics of social media, understanding what these changes could mean is more important from a bottom line perspective. Business owners and their social media managers will likely have to adjust their strategies in order to boost the perceived relevance or interest of their tweets rather than taking a derivative “me, too!” approach to social campaigns and engagement. It's End of

Last week, we went off the rails just a tiny bit with a metaphor that involved trolls and dice rolls. The heart of the message was simple, though: make sure what happens behind-the-scenes at your business is not too different from how you represent yourself online. Honesty in website content is paramount when trying to build a reputation online and avoiding any negative blowback. In part two of our SEO Honesty series, we will cover a bit more technical ground with the same general message. Essentially, a lot of webpage building practices businesses are encouraged to do for the sake of search engine rankings

Many businesses make it a priority to ensure customers and clients do not know what happens behind the scenes. While in many instances this practice benefits the customers — no one wants to see how hot dogs are made — in others, it is completely unfair. Aside from ethics, such business models can hurt your abilities to scale in the long run, in addition to harming your online visibility. Google has a vested interest in delivering quality search results, after all, so businesses that engage in low-quality or outright deceptive web page copywriting will be punished and have their pages made harder to

A few years ago, one of the more relatable headlines from satirical/fake news site The Onion was shared heavily online for relaying a common sentiment. To paraphrase politely, the fake news story was titled, “Friend Who Sent Link To 8-Minute YouTube Video Must Be [Really] Delusional.” The post went viral likely because so many people had been there before. Our attention-addled daily lives have become accustomed to bite-sized distractions, so someone putting a huge, long-winded piece of content out there and expecting others to digest the whole thing must have lost touch with reality — or so the gag goes. All jokes aside, assuming