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January 2016

How many of us made a resolution to “try new things” this year, only to leave it by the wayside by January 3rd? Go ahead, raise your hands. It’s not like we can see you. Regardless of whether you made a pledge or not, you owe it to your business and you owe it to your customers to catch up with what should be the best practices for digital marketing in 2016. We know that business owners feel like do not have a lot of extra free time to dabble in things like search engine optimization (SEO) or other “modernizing” tasks, but they offer real returns

Super Bowl 50 is barreling down the horizon, with all of the media hype and commercial sensationalism that comes with it. This event is the special moment that makes warm-blooded Americans rediscover the joy of gathering around their TV all over again. Naturally, not every brand will have the $6 million-plus to make and air a commercial during this golden prime-time, but brands should be prepared to enter their two cents into the fray as thousands of potential business leads flock online to discuss the big game. Having relevant Super Bowl-themed content available for them can increase interactions while bringing your brand image

A recent post on Forbes made the contention that content marketing is all but dead. In their words, it’s so last year. Rather, the author says, marketers should look past creating quality content and instead focus on “influencers.” These are people who are well-respected in the industry and have a lot of followers on social media. Therefore, they can reach a wide, yet targeted, audience and can potentially change public opinion on a subject or idea. What this tends to amount to is catchy, witty headlines that leads to shorter, shallower content, but lots of shares on social media. Allegedly, this is the

Apple’s recent announcement to natively support ad-blocking on iOS9 sent waves through the digital marketing community. This feature will allow developers to create ad-blocking apps that not only affect web browsing, but potentially in-app experiences as well. A long source of revenue for content publishers and a dependable method of brand exposure for advertisers may quickly dry up. But not all is doom and gloom in this new mobile landscape. Some brands are embracing the changes ad-blocking leads to, most notably a more positive, cohesive user experience overall. By turning to methods like owned content, native advertising and user-generated content (UGC), major brands, advertisers

Tonight’s Powerball drawing is sitting at $1.5 billion. With so much money up for grabs, over half a billion tickets have been sold. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, even if it’s not a record-setting jackpot. You could pay off your loans, buy a house and live in the lap of luxury. It’s not just individuals who dream of suddenly having that much money. Just ask any entrepreneur: Every business owner wonders what they would do if their company’s budget was just boosted by a few extra zeroes. So our CEO, Chris, got to thinking: What would he do if he won the lottery

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), thinking locally can help you get quicker, more practical results. Competing with the big guys does not always make sense. After all, how could you possibly rank against a nationwide chain who knows exactly how to emphasize the most critical keywords and can also throw millions of dollars at their efforts? However, thanks to things like Google’s Pigeon local search algorithm, you can have a real chance at taking the big boys on in your home turf. Since Google knows how much local results mean to local people, they allow certain business websites to rank

Over the holiday season, a Netflix original series called “Making a Murderer” gripped the attention of viewers all over the country. This documentary follows the story of Steven Avery, a resident of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, and portrays his arrests and investigates the validity of the claims made against him. “Making a Murderer” has stirred controversy throughout the country due to its portrayal of the local law enforcement in charge of Avery’s case. More importantly, it has become one of the most talked about topics on social media. In fact, the show has its own subreddit with more than 25,000 readers. But, just like every

Your website has many functions, and one of the most important is to turn visitors into paying customers. Ideally, your site already has a prominent “call to action” (CTA) encouraging visitors to do something specific after they read your pages. Your CTA can be to schedule a consultation, leave contact information to find out more, register an email to sign up for a newsletter or something as simple as reading more blog posts. In 2016, your goal should be to get as many visitors as possible to follow your CTA, which is also known as the visitor making a “conversion action.” Each conversion adds