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January 2015

If you've been trying to increase your sales online you've probably heard of inbound marketing. EverSpark's Jason Hennessey and John Stringer recently did a video tutorial explaining the basics of this highly effective marketing method. We wanted to offer an expanded writeup here as well. So what is inbound marketing, how does it work and how can you get results with it? Basics of Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing can be described as delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. More specifically, it means creating the content that potential customers are already looking for and providing it free, thus bringing them to your

If you're an avid Pinterest user (or pinner, as the site prefers) you may have noticed a change to the search results you get on the site. Specifically, if you're a man your search results just got a lot, well, manlier. That's because Pinterest now changes which search results you see depending on whether you're registered as a male or female. The change was first picked up by the Wall Street Journal, and since confirmed by Pinterest. Search results for thousands of terms are customized based on gender, sometimes looking almost completely different for men and women. This is a marketing move on Pinterest's part, and only the latest in

We just discussed how mobile SEO is more important than ever. And a big part of mobile SEO is simply making a website that's clean and easy to use on a mobile device. But this issue just went from amber alert to red alert now that Google is sending out warnings to webmasters en masse. The warnings started coming in mid-January, and a surprisingly huge number of websites have received them. They don't say any immediate action has been taken against the websites, and are worded to be a sort of helpful heads up. But coming from the world's biggest search engine, you can't help but here a

We all know what a big difference SEO makes in visibility, traffic and ultimately conversions. For many companies, SEO has become even more important than online advertising. But does your SEO strategy target users on mobile devices, or is it stuck in the desktop past? Of course, not all users are on mobile, and those who are have many ways to find you besides just search. We've been hearing for years how mobile is the next big thing, but many businesses have told themselves it's only a small portion of traffic or that mobile is all about apps, not search. It looks like that has finally changed. Mobile's growing

Google has drawn a line in the sand with the EU, at least for the time being. Last year European Union courts established a "right to be forgotten," effectively bolstering their citizens' privacy rights. Under that policy, citizens and residents of 32 European countries can request to have inaccurate or inappropriate information about them removed from search results. Google created a system for requesting removals and it seemed to be working fine. But now European regulators want to go a step further---a step all the way across the pond. Google has been removing pages only from results for the affected countries (for example, or Regulators have

Rachel Lindteigen recently penned a great piece on how to manage SEO for different local branches of a franchise. This presents a real problem for SEO because there are often individual websites, or pages on a single domain, for each location. They all represent the same brand and try to rank for the same keywords---often in very nearby geographic areas. We've found that different locations of any chain business can have similar problems, even if they're not actually franchised. So how do you get them all to rank without cannibalizing each other? Rachel offers a few solutions based on her own experience with franchises. They boil

As several media outlets have reported, Google just made a seemingly small but very significant change to how companies show up in its search results. When you search for a brand by name, the "knowledge graph" beside the results will now display the company's social media accounts, making it easy to click through to any of them. (This isn't automatic for all businesses, however; we'll tell you how to get yours included below.) This is quite a change for Google. Previously the search engine only showed a link to a brand's G+ page, which made a certain kind of sense since it promoted the use

If you’re a regular user of Google AdWords, chances are good that you have plenty of ads you use on an ongoing basis—both as-is and as templates for new campaigns, split tests or special promotions. And if you do a lot of that kind of templating then you’ve probably been saving them in AdWords’ Shared Library. But that option is going away. Google made the announcement just a few days ago, and set the deadline for killing Shared Ads as February 11. That gives users just a few scant weeks to figure out how they’re managing their campaigns going forward. Understandably, the announcement has caused

Do you use Google Knowledge Graph? Chances are good that you do, even if you've never heard it called that. The Knowledge Graph is the info box that offers quick answers to search strings, often above the first organic results. Recently we covered the addition of brands' social media accounts to Knowledge Graph, but that's far from all it offers. An estimated 1 in 4 of all Google searches include a Knowledge Graph with the results. So what exactly is the Graph telling people?     A lot, it turns out---and most of it is super useful. Here are 8 types of information Google Knowledge Graph offers that can

Keeping fresh content on your blog can be a struggle, but it's more important than ever for staying on top of SEO. That's why keeping a "swipe file" of easy blog topics on hand is a life saver---and many of them can serve as templates to be used over and over. Last time we covered how to write a meaningful how-to post, cover news in your industry or blog a live event. This time we have three more easy-to-write blog topics, and tips for how to make them shine. #1 A (Gentle) Opinion Piece Op-ed style blog posts are easily the most fun to write. But there are