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December 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words—that’s what Best Western International is banking on as it rolls out a new way of snagging guests in 2014. Working with Google, the hotel chain will offer interactive virtual tours to online shoppers searching for lodgings. Instead of booking rooms sight-unseen, shoppers will have the chance to explore Best Western properties through Google Business Photos, a 360-degree virtual tour built on Google’s Street View technology. Best Western is the first hotel chain to offer prospective lodgers this chance to look before they leap. Best Western has good reason to think that the pioneering approach will give the

Everspark's What's New In the World of Google meeting on Wednesday (12/18/2013) brought in a crowd of professionals all eager to learn more about Google's latest updates, tips and tricks. Everspark has a passion for education, and thus invites the community into their offices every Wednesday from 8-9:30am. You can join the next meeting on Wednesday, January 8th 2014 by RSVP'ing on the link below. If you can't make the meeting, ESI will be providing catch up notes should your schedule not permit it. The meetup takes place at the EverSpark Interactive offices located at: 6 Concourse Parkway, Suite 900 Atlanta, GA 30328 770-481-1761 RSVP here – This

Apple spent more than $200 million to acquire Topsy Labs Inc., a social media analytics company that focuses on the analysis of Twitter's global conversation. This means Apple wants to have a greater share of the social life, but why? Topsy uses special analytics tools that perform various functions, including measuring the exposure of campaigns or events, finding influential people on particular subjects and deciphering the frequency at which a given term is tweeted. It can track 95 percent of tweets by country of origin. There are currently about 500 million tweets a day, and Topsy has had access to the "fire hose" since 2006.

Everspark's What's New In the World of Google meeting last Wednesday (12/11/2013)  brought in a great crowd of professionals all hungry to learn more about Google's latest updates, tips and tricks. Continuing their passion for educating not only their staff, but also the local community, Everspark throws open its doors every Wednesday from 8-9:30am. Basically, if you've ever found yourself asking the simple question, "How does Google work," then this is the place for you. When asked why did Everspark start hosting these weekly meetups, co-founder Jason Hennessey stated, "Studying Google has been my personal passion since 2001. While I originally envisioned this meet-up

Do a Google search for ‘West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer’ and you’ll see this result: That big red video result at the top of the organic listings is called a Google Video Billboard, and if they haven’t yet entered your market, be assured, they’ll be there within the next 6-12 months. Why is this is so important for attorneys? World-renowned marketer Seth Godin made an observation in 2007 that attorneys should pay close attention to. In his TED presentation and corresponding Fast Company article entitled ‘Purple Cow,’ Godin introduced the following concept: “The American marketing mind grew up during the TV-industrial complex. Buying ads got you more

Facebook has always been a way for people to stay connected with other people, but in recent years it has also become a prime news source as users share news articles on the social network. Now Facebook is altering its News Feed to identify and suggest news stories based on users’ consumption behaviors. For those producing news, Facebook's newest update is something to pay special attention to. The News Feed algorithm is undergoing some helpful changes that are designed to put more high-quality content in Facebook users' feeds more often. The algorithm change will work to track users' interests and provide relevant content in

  Welcome to the first official What's New In the World of Google meetup recap. Please be sure to join us every Wednesday from 8-9:30 am as we discuss all things Google. The meetup takes place at the EverSpark Interactive offices located at: 6 Concourse Parkway, Suite 900 Atlanta, GA 30328 770-481-1761 RSVP here - Last week, I opened the meeting with a private press conference that took place in the actual garage where Google got started 15 years ago. Susan Wojcicki (Senior VP of Product Management) begins the press event by welcoming everyone to her old home, literally, and begins to tell the story of how Google co-founders Sergey

Brian Halligan discarded the traditional marketing playbook six years ago and started his own business. Now the HubSpot CEO has 10,000 customers in 56 countries using his company’s Internet marketing software to generate leads and attract new business—the nontraditional way. Halligan believes that the marketing paradigm shifted a long time ago. Marketers today need to be more like publishers. Unique, interesting, relevant content needs to be created and shared in today’s real-time marketing environment—something Halligan calls inbound marketing. “Each piece of content is like a magnet that pulls someone in,” Halligan said during a Dec. 5 web chat hosted by Inc. and attended by EverSpark.

Despite its denigration of other companies' use of patents, Google seems to be seeking and winning its own patents at a breakneck pace. It is on track to acquire 1,800 patents in 2013, placing it among the top 10 patent winners of the year. By comparison, Google applied for and won a total of four patents in 2003. This drastic increase coupled with its public policy against overuse of patents puts Google in a somewhat ambiguous position. Google, still primarily a search engine company, could be positioning itself to branch out into new arenas of innovation. Many of the patents it is seeking relate