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August 2013

A healthy portion of search engine optimization involves link-building. The more links that point to your site (from high-quality websites full of rich, useful content, of course), the higher your rankings are likely to be. And the more those linking sites use a properly diversified mix of keywords and branding terms, the more targeted search traffic you'll get. So what happens when a page mentions your business, but doesn't link to you? Are you “cheated?” Not necessarily. If a website mentions your business – with business name, complete address, and phone number (NAP) – the online world calls that a “citation.” And while the citation would

Last week Google announced that they’re in the midst of testing yet another search engine feature designed to make all of our online lives a bit easier and hopefully more efficient in the process. Google’s new experiment involves the implementation of overlays that contain additional information related to your specific search result. The overlay panels are quite detailed and useful, helping users find more information about a site before clicking over for a closer look. Unfortunately, at the moment whichever site you’re searching for needs to have a Wikipedia article, but depending on how the test goes and whether or not the public has

Last week Bing announced that they’ve recently begun testing Favicons in their search results. Now at first, the word ‘favicon’ may not sound too familiar, but trust me, if you’ve ever visited sites like Amazon, Facebook, Paypal, or Google, you’ve seen Favicons plenty of times before . . . even if you didn’t already know them by name. Similar to the idea of bookmarking, the word ‘Favicon’ is short for ‘Favorites Icon.’ Favicons are those small square images - usually no bigger than 16 pixels - displayed next to your website URL or on your open tabs in your browser. They’re also seen

From Everspark Interactive – Hi I am Jason Hennessey…. In today's Video Blog we are going to be talking about Google’s Manual Web Spam Transparency Feature. Just days ago, Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam team, announced that the company has added a new feature to “Google Webmaster tools” that reports “manual web spam actions” taken against a site. First lets help define what manual webspam action means. Typically Google uses very complex webspam algorithms to filter or penalize a site for violations of their quality guidelines. However, a manual webspam action means that a human being at Google (meaning someone on their web spam team)

Content, content, content. If you're up to date on the latest trends in SEO and online marketing right now, you've heard that content is king and that “content marketing” is what it takes to grab search engine traffic. But what does that mean? Content has become one of the vaguest terms in the business world, but when people talk about it in an SEO context it means high-quality, valuable content. In other words, “content” is the stuff that visitors to your site will find useful, funny and/or thought-provoking. That can come in many forms, but it has to be easy for them to find

In the SEO industry, what is considered valid today can change tomorrow, and the art of linkbuilding as an inherent part of this overall strategy is no exception. However, since both novice and educated opinions about official updates–and an equal amount of spun gossip–continuously swirl around the Internet on a daily basis, we have to be careful to act rather than react. As a subscriber to Google alerts on guest posting and linkbuilding, my inbox is barraged every week with spun interpretations on any and every statement even loosely attributed to someone at Google. These opinions range from thoughtful comments to outrageous ‘manifestos,’

Proposed Omnicom-Publicis Merger Underscores Undercurrent Whether you know it or not, chances are you grew up on commercials made by Omnicom. The advertising giant has spearheaded campaigns for Sara Lee, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Clorox and Nissan among dozens of other huge-scale brands. Omnicom has become one of the most successful ad companies out there — and it's now looking to merge with one of its rivals. Omnicom and European competitor Publicis have announced their intention to merge into a single company, which has set the business world abuzz. A number of commentators have wondered what motivates the merger: It doesn't come with any immediate cost benefit

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you all today, a little software tool I've been building which will help EverSpark tremendously when it comes to the QA process. This tool is something that I'm particularly proud of and I'll explain why later in my post. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "QA," it stands for Quality Assurance. As it stands now, it is a long and tedious task to properly QA a given product. Sometimes, so much so, it can and will delay the release and push back the expected (or reported) deadline. Ultimately, it can lead to an