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April 2012

Social media is always evolving - Facebook has the new timeline feature, Google Plus has an entirely new setup, including cover photos, Twitter has a new, more intuitive format - and, in a way, these sites have to keep up with each other. In fact, it seems like every time Facebook updates something, so does Google Plus. One aspect of social media that is currently evolving on all of these sites is the brand presence. Facebook just rolled out timeline for business pages, Twitter is going to be rolling out brand pages to everyone any day now, and Google Plus (relatively) recently rolled

Despite its recent revamp and Google’s recent claim that 150 million people had “upgraded” (a vague way to say that 150 million people are on Google Plus, sort of using it, sort of not) to Google Plus, the fledgling social network cannot quite count itself in the big leagues yet. Why not? Because, according to an article published yesterday by eMarketer, Google Plus still struggles to make itself relevant despite its importance to personalized search.   It's an uphill battle for Google's social network.   According to eMarketer, “…in spite of its fast growth in user numbers, the service has not enjoyed the stickiness of other top

“Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google” – These are the words used by Google to explain why a total revamp to Google Plus was rolled out today. With all the Facebook + Instagram news and other social media buzz lately, Google Plus has kind of fallen by the wayside newswise. Well, Google was not havin’ that, so now we have a new Google Plus. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. What do you think? Surprise! Maybe this revamp frightened me at first because it totally came out of nowhere. I was NOT expecting to sign in and experience something totally different.

Most everyone has heard by now: Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 billion dollars. Many were surprised about this move, even the investors in Instagram themselves (who doubled their money overnight, might we add). So, why is this such a big deal, and what will happen to Instagram now that Mark Zuckerberg has it in his clutches?   Instagram The app was founded  by two Stanford Grads, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. Right away the start-up got funding from a Venture capital firm and launched their app in 7 months. Within the first week Instagram had 200,000 users. Users grew at an exponential rate with

Google reported that 50 changes were made to search during the month of March. Of those 50 changes, many are important and signal that we should be watching closely for small algorithm changes that could lead to bigger, more widespread effects. These recent changes seem to revolve around several themes: freshness and relevance, local and social and anchor text.     Freshness, Relevance and Panda Several of the March updates revolved around the freshness of results and high-quality content. As most of us know, an iteration of Panda was run this month – which Google tipped us off to via Twitter. This brings us to the first

If you are in charge of marketing for a brand or a business, sit up and pay attention. Now, we all know social media is incredibly important for businesses both burgeoning and established. Since we all know this, many have looked for a unique way to approach branding themselves on social media. That's where Crowdtap comes in. This is a brand-driven social media service that you can use as a consumer to comment on favorite companies.   Crowdtap was named the Up-and-Coming Social Media Service in 2011 by Mashable and has a whole new approach to social media. The start-up was founded in 2009 by