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March 2012

Since the inception of Google’s social network, there has been debate about where it fits into the current social media landscape. Since the debut of “Search Plus Your World,” (and, quite honestly, before that), many of us have been aware that, though the network has faced setbacks and lackluster usage, in a lot of ways it has been a success (especially when compared to previous Google efforts in the social arena). First, Google Plus has allowed for authors to put their faces to their content with the rel=author connection. It has also allowed celebrities and larger companies to host “hangouts” with their followers,

When we talk about typical social media marketing, our conversation generally centers around Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. However, one useful social media platform that we sometimes skip over but that a business can utilize is LinkedIn. Predominantly, companies think of LinkedIn a more for employees of a company and not the company itself. However, there are ways LinkedIn can significantly help your company's presence online.   Common Misconception The general feeling surrounding LinkedIn when it comes to businesses is that it is ONLY effective for person to person networking. This is where many are wrong and can use LinkedIn to their advantage… Firstly, every company should

A little bit of both, in fact. Though your Facebook and Twitter pages may not directly contribute to your SEO efforts in the way that say, link-building does, having a wide footprint online helps Google dub you an authority in your field. Google Plus, the underdog social network, may have a more direct effect on your SEO efforts. Everspark has started to pay more attention to our clients’ holistic presences online - including their social media mastery. You may be asking, “You guys are all about SEO. What could social media have to do with anything?” Our answer is that social media is important

Recent research by online marketing company Bizible points to several interesting points regarding ranking Google Places listings, both within the integrated results and within local results only. Though no research in this area is likely 100% sound, considering the variables that could go into a study like this (like browser physical location changes), it’s always interesting to view new data when it comes to a relatively murky area as ranking a Google Places listing can be.  Based purely on research (very sciency, not my forte, so I’ll simply relay the data in its most simple form), the genius-like folks over at Bizible (I

Changes to Google – both present and forthcoming – have a lot of digital marketers on edge this week. Others dismiss the rumors as Google’s way of taking the spotlight off the “Search Plus Your World” controversy (that Google’s own product is being favored, and search relevancy is decreasing). Either way, changes are a comin’, and we all should be ready to analyze and understand Google’s supposed future new way of functioning.     Google + Personal Results – Off To The Right, Now Google dominates a little over 66 % of the overall search market, according to recent research, even after Search Plus Your World debuted

Whether you like it or not, the new timeline has come out for businesses. Though it is voluntary for businesses to change over to the new format right now, it will be mandatory for all pages come March 3oth. Some companies are still skeptical, but others are embracing it in a big way. After all, timeline provides an easier way to promote a narrative story about your company, which is important for connecting with audiences. You can show the milestones your company has reached to the world, and thereby gain brand advocates who like where your company has come from and how it

Remember when the Panda update went international? Oh man, were those some good times! We in the US and select other English speaking countries had already experienced the worst of what Panda could bring, and it almost felt fair that international sites go through it to. Plus, watching Panda do damage from afar was kind of cathartic after seeing it do damage to our and our peers’ sites.  Then, the protected searches came along, with Google saying it wanted to protect users’ privacy when they’re logged into Google, and SEOs were worried again. What would this mean for being able to analyze search

We’re all aware of Facebook Brand pages - and with all the buzz surrounding the new Timeline rollout, we got to thinking -  even Google+ has pages for businesses, and Pinterest doesn’t need a special page - you just like it to your brand Twitter and you are all set. We decided that there's one social network not to be ignored during all of this hullabaloo: Twitter! The popular microblogging platform FINALLY hopped on the bandwagon with its new enhanced Twitter brand pages. Twitter's Latest Brand Pages The new page was launched to a select group of 21 brands in December, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Paramount