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December 2011

Though Bing is up and coming as an important search engine (as we mentioned in past blog posts) – in fact, incorporating Bing into our overall strategy is one of the changes our SEO company will be making moving into 2012 – Google still maintains a seemingly inexorable majority of the search market share. This according to Experian Hitwise data released last week.     The Data When it comes to volume of searches, Google was used for 61.71% of searches (this data reflects searches done during the 4 weeks leading up to 12/24/2011). was used the second most, with 16.26% of search volume, and Bing

The social media platforms are gearing up for a brand new year, in their own special way: by expanding functionality in all the right places, and fixing things that users have been griping about since, in the case of Google + Business Pages, their inception. As we reported this morning on our Facebook page, Google has come out with some exciting new Google + updates – including multi-admin access - just in time for the new year. Cyber space is also abuzz with rumors that Facebook is testing a change that is equally as exciting for avid brand engagers - private messaging between

This morning, I heard the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and felt immediately inspired to start writing a blog post. I know, it seems pretty odd that a Christmas song got me raring to go to write about SEO (look, I’m already rhyming), but I realized that it might be nice to wrap up before the holidays (and especially before the new year), by highlighting the 12 things I felt I learned the most from this year. So, these were the 12 gifts I feel like I got from ESI’s true love: the SEO industry.     12 Things the SEO Industry Gave To Us

When it comes to social media, many businesses value its power regarding “word-of-mouth” marketing. Further, local businesses often find themselves populating the social platforms in an effort to be more easily found by potential customers. And, with Facebook’s timeline redesign being applied to everyone very soon, social media is, of course, consistently creating buzz in the interactive marketing world. So, with all this in mind, you would think that social media platforms would, therefore, be the top sources for local business referrals. However, you’d be wrong.   Search Engines: Top Local Business Information Sources Good news for SEO companies and their local clients! Despite the overwhelming

In the last couple of weeks, several changes have taken place across the web – from search to social media – that reflect rising trends on the internet as a whole. Simplicity is a characteristic shared by both the Google +1 button changes and the Twitter redesign.     Google + 1 Button Goes Simple Recently, the Google +1 button has been creating quite the hullabaloo. There was a great deal of confusion because the numbers showing up were different in different places (for instance, on a website and in that website’s analytics). Now, the +1 is making headlines for its recent aesthetic change in the search

To SEO, branding is the new link-building. I know, it’s a bold statement: but think about it. Without branding, your interactive marketing efforts today would likely be far less effective. Without link building in the past, you could not say you were an SEO. Now, I’m not saying link-building is not important anymore (it definitely is), but I’m saying wondering, without branding efforts built into your strategy, are you really an SEO today? Post-Panda, there is a multiplicity of new content and other strategies that can help you regain rankings (if you lost them), maintain them, or climb them if you are just

According to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and Internet & American Life Project  (produced with help from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation), there is not really a one-stop shop when it comes to American adults doing information gathering. Yes, the internet is a place where people can get most of their information, but this survey finds that this doesn’t mean that this is quite what Americans do in practice. However, the information does reveal that, in the future, this may be the case, as the younger demographic in America doesn’t follow exactly the same pattern as

New month, new changes. This according to Google in the latest blog post on the search engine's Inside Search blog. If you're an SEO, you can start breathing again - it's nothing too earth shattering (there's no Panda-scale change!). However, these changes are still significant for us to pay attention to. Usually, in some way shape or form, Google's algorithm changes and updates impact our SEO strategy. That's why it is so important to stay up to date with these changes and keep your eyes open for anything that may be changing in the industry (or changing the industry as a whole, as the