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July 2011

As an ever-expanding Atlanta SEO company, EverSpark Interactive encounters new, innovative SEO tools on a daily basis. There are a few we stick with because we find they provide the best results (though picking just ten was difficult – there are a lot of useful tools out there!). We have chosen these tools because they provide SEOs with the ability to do proper research, reverse engineer, track our work and more, and we have created a line-up of just a few of the favorites often used here at our SEO agency. Please note that these tools are not organized in any particular order

“We rely often on intuition and always on insights.” This quote is trending on Twitter among search engine marketers and avid Google users. Of all the inspiring quotes in a new Google periodical called Think Quarterly, I’m finding this particular one is repeated (and re-tweeted) the most. Probably because it is totally believable that this is how Google operates. Some on Twitter even refer to this as “Google’s secret sauce.” Think Quarterly As I mentioned above, the quote comes from an entry in Google’s new Think Quarterly. More specifically, it comes from an article called “The Eight Pillars of Innovation” by Susan Wojcicki. In this

Yesterday afternoon, Google announced that Google Place Pages are being adjusted to accommodate better, more “effortless” and “elastic” user experiences. Google maps have already been tweaked, and now it is Place Pages’ turn.  The search engine says that its main goal is to make Places searches better on desktop computers, but also on mobile sites, so that users can see the pages and the reviews for places whether they are getting ready to leave the house or they are already on-the-go. Google’s Lat Long blog notes, “Some of the changes you’ll notice today have been made so you can quickly get a sense

We have already discussed how to implement an effective PPC campaign,  but what we haven’t discussed yet is the fact that there is more than one way to run such a campaign. Though classic PPC campaigns, which are plain ads that just show a link and a little bit of copy, are the default types of ads that businesses tend to utilize, Google Boost ads have been slowly gaining momentum since their advent six months ago – and with good reason. What are Google Boost ads? Google Boost ads provide the information that classic PPC campaigns provide; however, in addition to this information these ads

With Google + only weeks or months away from public release, we all knew this question was coming. The +1 button, which was released by the search engine in early June (pre-Google +), allows users to essentially suggest their favorite sites to their Google contacts (and will presumably be fully integrated with Google + in the future). It only makes sense that, once this integration takes place, the sites with more +1s are the sites that are going to show up higher in the SERPs because they are voted, by their users, as relevant and authoritative. Google As a Google user, you aren’t going to

Google is certainly very into social these days. The search engine giant's (they earned this title this quarter, as it came out this week that they made $9 billion) newest feature, Google News badges, uses its big brother capabilities to track what you are reading in the news (while you are signed into your Google account) and awards you badges as you continue to read about your favorite topics. If you read a couple of articles per day in the same category, you will likely earn your badge within one week. This is a huge plus for Google, because now the search engine can

Read the full Wall Street Journal story here: Site Claims to Loosen Google 'Death Grip' Hey everyone, it’s Jason Hennessey from Everspark Interactive and today we are going to be addressing a recent new story that is causing some buzz in the search engine optimization community. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published a story on one website’s claim that it has been able to recover from Google’s Panda Update by dividing its large site among several sub-domains. The five-year-old site,, was severely affected by the update because it relied heavily on Google for its traffic. The content publishing website’s CEO, Paul Edmonson, guest

Have you ever read a blog and wondered: who is the person on the other side of the computer screen? Who is creating the content from which you are learning? Well, Google has come up with a new way for you get to know your favorite bloggers. The arrow points to where you would see the author of the blog post that shows up in the organic SERPs. With all of the hype surrounding Google +, something very important has been happening under our noses. With Google being all about trust and authority, it should be no surprise that the search engine has come up

Hey everyone, it’s Jason Hennessey from Everspark Interactive, and today we are going to give you some tips for implementing an effective PPC campaign. We talk a lot about SEO and Google around here, but we don’t want you to forget about other important ways to market your company on the internet. PPC campaigns, or Pay-Per-Click campaigns, use targeted ads that show up in the search engine results pages to help you get traffic to your website. First, lets talk about some of the benefits of PPC campaigns. First, a PPC campaign allows you to monitor and control how much money you spend on

EverSpark’s CEO Jason Hennessey, Project Manager Alyssa Rodriguez and I are at the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association’s (AIMA) Social Special Interest Group (SIG) networking event about “The Trials and Tribulations of Managing your Brand’s Social Presence.” Moderated by Teresa Caro of R Dialogue, a loyalty and strategy company, the event is centered on networking (and eating wonderful food courtesy of the Atlanta Fish Market in Buckhead) and learning about branding your business on the social networking platforms. To keep up with the live blog coverage and the points being made throughout this event, you can view the slideshow here. Two panelists, Bianca Buckridee of