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June 2011

Conversion, in Search Engine Optimization terms, means the rate at which your site prompts visitors to engage with you. For instance, if your site has a call-to-action that says, "Call us now for a free quote"  that directly leads to a visitor of your site to call you for a project estimate, you have converted a website visitor into a customer. Though it seems like something that might be difficult to track, conversion is such a large part of making money from your website that it has become an SEO metric. How can you make it happen with your website? One tool

Yesterday, Google officially launched its social network, Google +. Right now, the network is by invitation only, but it will soon be universally available. The question is, will Google + become Facebook’s newest and biggest rival? Is Google + going to be to Facebook what Facebook was to mySpace (that is, a force that eclipses the competition)? We don’t think so, but we are open to other opinions:   we asked a similar question on our Facebook page – we would love your input, so shoot on over and tell us what you think. What will Google + be? Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Google has created a site called “What do you love?” at This site allows you to search anything and see an amalgamation of results from its numerous search resources. Google has so many features, products, services and search engine resources to its name that it can be hard to keep track. This site allows you to search them all at once. Testing it out To test out, I decided to search something I REALLY love, even though it doesn’t always love me back: Pasta. Here’s what I could find out about my favorite carbohydrate. On Picasa, I could make a photo album about pasta. Via news,

If there is one thing we can say will help you convert clicks into sales (and possibly will help you rank higher, as some say Google looks for it when deciding rankings - especially since the Panda update), it is a good user experience.  However, good user experience is a vague and unspecific goal to reach for, especially when you are use to thinking more like a website admin than like a user. A typical internet user is kind of like a finicky shopper in the mall (we have all been the finicky website browser at one time or another) – this shopper has

If your company serves multiple locales, it is important to understand how to optimize for each so that Google does not drop your site from the SERPs due to duplicate content or lack of specificity. Read on for tips on how to optimize for each location! Should I use subdomains or separate pages? Separate pages. If you create a page for each location your business serves, than include specific data on each of those pages. Don’t do something generic; target the specific audience in that area. For example, if you are a bee-keeper serving 3 cities in California (for example, San Diego, San Francisco, and

For those websites still trying to recover from the Google Panda update, the news that Google has quietly unleashed the Panda 2.2 algorithm update earlier this week is both frightening and encouraging. Could it help the sites that were hurt by Panda’s release? Or could it hurt those sites that managed to slide by unnoticed during the first onslaught of plummeting rankings? At the SMX Advanced conference session a few weeks ago, Matt Cutts, the head of the Google “webspam team,” did talk a little bit (during a Q&A with Danny Sullivan) about what could be in store for us with the newest version

Search Engine Optimization is no longer only for websites. In order to be competitive in your niche, it is important to optimize for a mobile site.With evolving smartphone technology, optimizing your mobile site can and will drive traffic to your business. A recent study revealed that people were beginning to spend more time on their phones than on their computers; mobile searches are becoming more popular than desktop searches. Though SEOs are not necessarily a part of this statistic, the companies whose websites we optimize should take notice. What do search engines look for when crawling mobile sites? Search engines like Google crawl mobile sites for

Google is rolling out a lot of new features in the coming days in what seems like an effort to make the internet a more interactive place. After creating Instant Pages, the search engine is enabling image and voice searches. Search by Image Google’s recent announcement that we will soon be able to search with images was shocking and exciting at the same time. The idea that you can snap a photo and search its contents is cutting edge; even cooler, you can search an image you see on the internet and want to know more about. Though it hasn’t fully rolled out yet, you can

We hope you have had enough time to digest all of the information we have given you so far about the usefulness of Aaron Wall's SEOBook SEO Toolbar. There is a lot more to learn, so please read on! Here is the toolbar. You should reference it every time we discuss a new tool so that you can familiarize yourself with what each symbol means: The machine-like circle in between the two Y's and the MJSEO is the SEOmoz domain link analysis. It looks like this when you click on it: This tool will tell you all about the page's authority, the domain's authority, the root