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April 2011

Hey guys. I am Jason Hennesey from Everspark Interactive. Today, we are going to take a few minutes of your time to talk about a question that may be on your mind. We keep hearing about website quality and how important it is. So, just what is web site quality, and why do we care about it? Google is now looking at the quality of your page when it comes to search rankings, so you need to be sure that your page is of the highest quality possible. This is where it may become confusing, as you may not be sure what qualifies as

Hey guys, it is Jason from Everspark Interactive and today we are going to be addressing a very crucial issue. By now we have all heard about the changes in the Google Algorithm known as Panda and we have received a flood of emails about the changes. One of the most important things that seems to be on everybody's mind is how they can secure their ranks with Google at this crucial time. While most of the websites that have been targeted are those low quality sites and content farms, it is possible that even high quality and professional sites can be affected by

Jason: Hey, it’s Jason Hennessey and Chris Watson, and we’re from Everspark Interactive. Welcome to our video blog. Chris: Right. Jason: So today we’re gonna be talking about something that has just come up in recent media. As most of you know, Groupon, about – I wanna say six months ago, maybe – they declined an offer of six – Chris: Billion dollars. Jason: Billion, with a ‘B.’ Chris: Yep, I don’t think it was six months ago. I think it was maybe – Jason: Maybe a little longer, or –? Chris: Three – three months ago. Sooner. Jason: Sooner? Okay. So they declined a $6 billion deal. And I guess

Hi Im Jason Hennessey from Everspark Interactive You have probably noticed how many websites these days have blogs attached to them. Often they are used to tell users the latest corporate news and for random posts about company activities. In fact, blogs are one of the most under utilized features added to websites particularly when you consider how useful they can be to your SEO efforts. Aside from the SEO aspect of including a blog on your website, they are a great way of socializing with your prospective customers and presenting a more personal image of your business. Generally speaking, there are a lot of

  Converting traffic into sales is for many, the primary objective of an online business. So why, when you have previously enjoyed a consistent rate of conversions, can you suddenly appear to have fallen off the edge of cliff? There are a number of reasons why this can happen but once you discover a drop in conversions it is important that you do not suddenly have a knee-jerk reaction and embark on starting your SEO from scratch! Often it is the simplest reason that will explain a change in the performance of your website. What you need to do is try to avoid over analyzing

Hi I am Jason Hennessey reporting live from our studios here at Everspark Interactive. What an exciting few weeks it has been with all the new changes in the Google algorithm. We have all heard the expression that content is king and while this may be true, we are often asked if the type of content and where the content is located on a page has anything to do with rankings. Of course, in order to be considered an “Authority” site in the eyes of Google, one will need professional yet quality content, but there are also a few other things to consider. Last

Good Afternoon everyone, I am Jason Hennessey reporting live from the Everspark Interactive studio here in Atlanta. I can't thank you guys enough for these great questions that continue to roll in. If you have any question you would like our team of professional SEO experts to tackle, please send us an email at [email protected] So let’s get started. Today's question came from Kelly in Denver, Colorado. Kelly asks “ How long will Google take to see a newly submitted sitemap? Does it happen immediately? I am glad you asked this Kelly, as this is a question that we get asked a lot. Unfortunately there