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Start Your 90 Day SEO Sprint with EverSpark

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The 90 Day SEO Sprint Changes Everything.

Whenever you ask a group of people, “Have you ever hired a SEO agency before?” about half of the hands in the room go up. Then if you ask them “Keep your hand up if you were happy with the results.” All the hands go down.

Yet, companies keep spending their hard earned money, almost accepting that the SEO process is like going to Vegas and hoping you hit your lucky number on roulette.


The 90 Day SEO Sprint is a process, a new way of thinking and very exciting. Clients need to be shown results, but they also need to be guided in what to expect. By following our process, that’s been developed over 10 years of running SEO campaigns, our clients are engaged, enlightened and ultimately thrilled with the results.

No Long Term Contract

We don’t believe in long term contracts. If we’re doing our job right you’ll want to stick with us for a long time, if we’re not, then you should be free to move on. We ask that you stick with the system for at least the first 2 sprints, if you’re not willing to do that, you’re better working with another SEO Agency.

Tracking & Reporting

Your campaign will be meticulously tracked, monitored and reported on. We also go the extra step of giving you access to your own campaign management platform so you will have a front row seat to everything that is happening.



Chris Watson and his team have been handling all aspects of my firm internet presence and marketing since 2011.  I dealt with 2-3 major internet marketing companies before that who were horrible. Everspark Interactive walks the talk – unlike other companies I hired, Chris and his internet experts actually do what they promise!  Cutting edge idea and excellent service and consistent results.

Auger & Auger


I was with another SEO company that I had told I wanted to be listed first on Google. I told them I do not care what it costs, I will pay what I have too. Make me the first listing on the first page. Unfortunately, my competition was using Everspark. They were first and after three years of trying, my company could get me no higher than 2nd or 3rd for our common search terms. I had met the guys from Everspark at a convention and told them if they ever had availability in Florida to let me know. When they called, I jumped ship. I am now on the first page of google for most of my search terms multiple times, including first in natural searches for every term they promised me. They have been truly outstanding. The guys who were in front of me in my market are hard to find now. Their loss, my gain. I highly recommend Everspark.

David Katz


Our law firm started using Everspark over 2 years ago. Chris Watson and his team there have gone above and beyond to give us the best search engine results we have ever had with any company. They perform their work with a strong sense of ethics, honesty and integrity that has impressed our firm since day one. I would highly recommend Everspark to anyone looking to improve their search engine optimization for their business.

Gary Christmas


The people at Everspark Interactive have proven over and over again that they are not only experts in the field of optimizing web sites for search engines, and doing deep research to bring powerful insights on new opportunities for their clients, but also in delivering First Class customer service, responding to questions and issues in record time, focusing our attention on areas where we can improve, and providing excellent overall client support. Our client-facing web site represents a dynamic, 107,000-employee company with annual revenues exceeding $4 billion, and getting 150,000 unique visitors per month. Everspark Interactive is our confidently-chosen partner for helping us reach our clients and prospects more effectively, and taking our web site to the next level of visibility, which is a vital part of our company’s overall strategy to become a global leader in our industry. With every new project and request, Everspark Interactive consistently exceeds expectations, and enhances our discussions with fresh approaches, ideas and strategies. They are truly a partner, and a vital member of our website team.

ABM Building Value