Google Will Force Your Website to Be Fast

A lot has been said about Google’s new mobile search algorithm. By now we all know that being mobile-friendly is the best way to keep your ranking in mobile search results, and that a surprising number of businesses have already made the change. But what if you’re not one of them? It turns out that Google can just force your site […]View post →

Beyond Mobile Friendly

By now you know that Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile friendly, and how to prepare your site so you’re not one of the casualties. So far, however, the focus in the SEO community hasn’t gone much farther than that—being mobile friendly is good enough to keep your search ranking, so it’s all you need, […]View post →

5 Basics of Mobile SEO

Last week we highlighted the growing importance of mobile SEO, a topic that’s going to divide the search traffic winners and losers in 2015. In case you missed it, here’s what you need to know: Search is the number one way that mobile users find content online (more than apps or ads), PPC ads aimed at […]

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