Has Google “Peaked”?

We all know Google is the giant of the internet, the one site that seems to keep growing no matter what’s happening. Year after year, they scoop up more users and outperform the other search engines. But what if that rise to power has come to an end? That’s one conclusion to draw from recent data by comScore. The […]View post →

Even Google Needs SEO

More than any other company, Google is responsible for the current SEO landscape. As the world’s largest search engine they set guidelines worldwide for what kind of content will make Page 1. And by making those guidelines ever tighter, they good SEO a must for online success. Ironically, now Google now finds itself on the opposite side of the fence: it needs […]View post →

What Happens If You Disavow the Wrong Link?

Recently Glenn Gabe authored an interesting piece on the dangers of the disavow tool. Disavow is a tool that Google offers so you can disclaim low quality links pointing to your site—essentially calling “not it” and getting your penalty removed. That tool is extremely useful if you cultivated less-than-great links in the distant past or if […]View post →

Google Is Fighting “Game of Thrones” Piracy, but HBO Isn’t Playing Along

“Internet” and “piracy” have become almost synonymous. The rise of high speed internet has made it possible to share videos, images, books and whole movies, with or without the creator’s permission. But whose responsibility is it to fight back—the copyright owners, or the search engines? That question remains contentious, but Google has stepped up its efforts to crack down […]View post →