Has Google “Peaked”?

We all know Google is the giant of the internet, the one site that seems to keep growing no matter what’s happening. Year after year, they scoop up more users and outperform the other search engines. But what if that rise to power has come to an end? That’s one conclusion to draw from recent data by comScore. The […]View post →

Yahoo’s Secret Search Engine

Is Yahoo working in a secret search engine to replace Bing? According to a recent leak, the answer might be yes—and it may already be offering results to a small percentage of users. Bing and Yahoo A little background is in order. Most people think of Yahoo and Bing as separate search engines, which is true […]View post →

Bing Keeps Offering More

I have to disclose some personal bias. I’m a Google man. I have been basically since around the time that “google” became a shorthand for “to search,” and they really pulled me in when they launched Chrome, which is still my browser today. As you can imagine, when Microsoft released the Bing search engine, I was nonplussed. […]View post →

Now You Can Order Food with Bing

What if you could order food from any restaurant you like, on your computer, simply by searching for it online? That’s the idea with a new feature Bing just rolled out. The feature allows instant online ordering from numerous restaurants—without even going to a restaurant’s website. Instead, all you do is search for the restaurant on […]View post →