Penguin 2.1 and Hummingbird Google Updates

What are Penguin 2.1, Hummingbird? Google fine-tuned its search algorithm in early October, calling the update “Penguin 2.1,” raising the bar on quality standards for backlinks. This comes on the heels of a complete algorithm overhaul in September 2013 known as “Hummingbird.” In short, these updates are: Punishing websites with low-quality backlinks (Penguin 2.1) Punishing […]View post →

Google Authorship

In this weeks ESI video blog, we discuss a Google feature that’s been getting a significant amount of press over the past few weeks: Authorship. At the end of 2012, Google launched a new version of their authorship program for online content making it easier to connect a piece of your own written content directly […]View post →

Google Overlays

Last week Google announced that they’re in the midst of testing yet another search engine feature designed to make all of our online lives a bit easier and hopefully more efficient in the process. Google’s new experiment involves the implementation of overlays that contain additional information related to your specific search result. The overlay panels […]View post →