What Is Inbound Marketing?

If you’ve been trying to increase your sales online you’ve probably heard of inbound marketing. EverSpark’s Jason Hennessey and John Stringer recently did a video tutorial explaining the basics of this highly effective marketing method. We wanted to offer an expanded writeup here as well. So what is inbound marketing, how does it work and how […]View post →

Penguin 2.1 and Hummingbird Google Updates

What are Penguin 2.1, Hummingbird? Google fine-tuned its search algorithm in early October, calling the update “Penguin 2.1,” raising the bar on quality standards for backlinks. This comes on the heels of a complete algorithm overhaul in September 2013 known as “Hummingbird.” In short, these updates are: Punishing websites with low-quality backlinks (Penguin 2.1) Punishing […]View post →

Google Authorship

In this weeks ESI video blog, we discuss a Google feature that’s been getting a significant amount of press over the past few weeks: Authorship. At the end of 2012, Google launched a new version of their authorship program for online content making it easier to connect a piece of your own written content directly […]View post →

Google Overlays

Last week Google announced that they’re in the midst of testing yet another search engine feature designed to make all of our online lives a bit easier and hopefully more efficient in the process. Google’s new experiment involves the implementation of overlays that contain additional information related to your specific search result. The overlay panels […]View post →